softer lighting, music helps people eat less at fast-food joints: study

by:Marslite     2019-10-11
A new U. S.
The study found that soft lighting and music can reduce customers\' calorie intake by 18%.
People also prefer the restaurant experience here.
Researchers at Cornell University Brian Wansink and Koert Van Ittersum pair fast-
Include soft music and lighting, and then observe how it changes the customer\'s habits.
While the makeover doesn\'t change what people order, it does make them eat less than 18%.
On average, it\'s 775 calories, not 949.
Customers also think the food is better than before the renovation.
\"These results suggest that a more relaxed environment will increase satisfaction and reduce consumption,\" Wansink said . \".
\"This is an important message for fast --
Food restaurants that are often blamed for obesity: making simple changes from bright lights and sounds
Reflective surfaces can greatly reduce overeating
At the same time improve customer satisfaction.
\"The results were published in the journal Psychological Reports.
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