snappy\'s \'lumen\' is acrobatic standout

by:Marslite     2019-09-09
The company has become more diverse as the trendy dance theater matures, with works ranging from abstract miniatures to almost complete
Evening drama.
But the most satisfying ones are those of mine that are the most famous of this talented troupe: Sculpture acrobatics in fluid movement, the beauty of the celebration form and the dangerous edge of balance.
This aesthetic is reflected in Snappy\'s new \"lumens\", a company created in collaboration with lighting designer Joseph Levendusky, directed by art director Martha Mason.
There is no potential narrative here, no social and political statements, no colorful portrayal.
The \"lumens\" performed on Wednesday night at the Calderwood Pavilion at the Boston Arts Center is simply a gorgeous interaction between Vivid lights and a beautifully toned body in almost constant motion.
The work begins with a single lighting pool in which Bonnie Duncan carefully walks past Tim Gallagher.
As he slowly rises from the prone position, she walks past his back, gently across his shoulder, and then, when he bends back to lower himself to the ground, continue carefully along the front of his body.
This is a very simple and effective time.
But as Wim Mertens progressed, the minimalist score began to take off, with other spots and waves appearing on the stage, and soon seven dancers shuttled through the shadows.
In the second part, the cute stretch and twists and turns solo of Bess Whitesel is supported by a chorus of three pairs of contoured couples.
When the stage lights turn red, they turn into flames of dancing.
Changed to gray-white-
Blue, they turn into ghost images that flash on the screen.
They were captured just before the blackout ended.
Fly through a brilliant flash-
Snapshot souvenir.
At the other extreme is Mason\'s dark humor, but uneven \"America\"S. Fried.
\"When Duncan and White came out of an imaginary TV set and played a couch potato, the soundtrack continued to ring with sharp messages about food disorders, consumer excess and the death penalty, in addition to the clever song \"will fail\", the lyrics \"I secretly enjoy myself while slowly destroying myself.
\"The three short premieres of the company\'s members add to the depth of the show.
Duncan\'s ability, if the regular trapeze solo evokes a boring farm girl to make a fuss at the top of the apple tree.
Kyle Deschamps\'s smooth, muscular solo is a great sport.
In the revolutionary chat, Deschamps and Roger Fernández face each other as a confrontation against commuters, brave teenagers and businessmen.
But when they challenge each other
A good heart slowly becomes friendship.
They seem to find more common ground than differences.
The first half of the program is a new, shorter version of the company\'s Edward Gray
\"Emotional fluctuations\" have been stimulated \".
\"There are still some wise trimming that can be used in this series of episodes.
The company is very interested in Gorey\'s creepy image ---
Walking the tombstone, and the widow dancing with her.
As an innocent child, Duncan was very cunning and capricious and was caught by the warring parents.
Mason flies in some acrobatic shows.
Make three moustache, kick line umbrella support.
In the end, however, all the episodes did not form a particularly compelling picture.
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