smithereens take reins at springsteen-less light of day concert (photos)

by:Marslite     2019-09-20
At the end of the day-
A very, very long day. -
The \"Bob\'s birthday bash\" light concert on Saturday night raised thousands of people for Parkinson\'s research.
This is what really matters.
But the means to achieve this is
The one-hour marathon performance on the Paramount theater stage in Asbury Park did not receive as much expectation and privilege as the usual special guests.
Bruce Springsteen took part in 11 of the 15 daytime \"Winterfest\" main events and started his new tour in Pittsburgh on Saturday night
Rock band Smithereensto picks up the headlines of the pull up and steps.
While the singer Pat Dini Zio and his band were elegant and played as many of their old tunes as possible, their tunes were simply not worth waiting until 12: 30 A. M. m. for (
About 45 minutes behind schedule).
Before the band 2 a, the crowd seemed ready to quit long ago. m. finish.
But like all the other day concerts, there is still an orgasm at night ---
Cover for the boss-
The annual rockers Willie Niro and Jessie Marin performed during 18 shows that night. --
Before the show, the blacksmith\'s set was advertised to celebrate their 30 th anniversary of their 1986 debut LP \"perfect for you.
Although their product started the \"special\" track behind the wall of sleep, \"the episode went on as usual and all the songs from different albums were available.
But frankly, it seems that the choice of songs will not have an impact on the crowd, and so far the crowd is drowsy.
Whether it\'s fatigue or lack of reaction to DiNizio\'s acting style ---
Standing in front of the microphone, his arms are always by his side, singing with his eyes closed ---
Not entirely clear, but the orchestra is more than half the level.
It was empty even before the forging came to an end.
Obviously, every Jersey rock fan has his own limit. --
Joe Grushecky is a skilled worker in Pittsburgh, and his housekeepers usually play the background band to Springsteen during the day, interrupted by Bruce\'s expanded version of \"savin\"
\"Members of other groups came out to sing the choir, and Eddie Manning, the Hosek saxophone player, almost blew the place down. --
Willie Nile, high-
Hair of the flag during the day --
Flyers and energetic New York rock veterans lit the crowd with his chest
The style of heavy hits, especially his staples, \"a guitar\" and \"hero\", pay tribute to David Bowie\'s cool. \"--
New York rock veteran Jesse Malin and his big band have just released two 2015 albums, with plenty of energy for the audience to lift a few tunes from their seats.
Although he is not entirely from the area, Marin\'s passion and rock-shaking blend perfectly into the stage of Asbury Park. --Local blues-
Rock singer Matt o\'re\'s, now best known as a replacement for rich Sambora in the bunjovi touring lineup, who took his costume to the daytime earlier in the evening
Although the band\'s voice is not very original, Auri was a star in several inspired solos ---
Of course, this is an entry that fans can expect when Bon Jovi almost inevitably goes on the road later this year. --
Hard East Brunswick-
Rocker and Asbury Park as well as daily light regulars Bobby Mahoney only performed on stage for about 10 minutes, but the combination of his sound music and punk emotions was refreshing. The 20-year-
The old original and his \"no gun support\" Springsteen cover are particularly strong in the lineup that is almost twice his age. --
Tribute to John Eastdale of Drumma, who jumped into the crowd after wearing his jersey --
The set of the born band and thank you in person for the arrival of the first few rows ---
And a few cans of Tab soda.
Why is Tab not included in more rock shows-
No, there is no Bruce in this issue of Guangming Daily, but it does have one
Stage proposal after the groomto-
Sing a few Springsteen lyrics, including \"Two Hearts are better than one \".
\"Congratulate the happy couple!
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