sister act in comfort zone

by:Marslite     2019-10-02
Dan Rule wrote that success has brought confidence to the cassadi sisters, who are the opposite of kokorossi.
On a hot night in January 2006, the hammer halls of Serra and Bianca casadi were intoxicating.
Hidden in the opaque stage lamp light and pixel flicker of the video projector, CocoRosie is a measurable polar model;
Contradictions between sisters;
Amazing strange but wonderful music.
Elder casadi of Sierra Leone
Sitting behind the keyboard, her face was covered by a baseball cap and wedding veil --
The auditorium was filled with exaggerated opera performances.
Meanwhile, her sister is hiding in the shadow on the far right.
Back in the crowd, her little frame gets lost in the oversized hips --hop get-
Her hoarse voice was almost the only trace of her appearance.
As crowds gathered in hammerhall to watch New York compatriots Anthony and the Johnson couple, they broke out in a place where cocorossi made a shrill voice.
Smile, wave and kiss from Sierra;
Bianca skulks walked off the stage without a second eye; their soft-faced, wide-eyed, nouveau-
The hippie type drummer took out his camera and took some fun and confused front row photos.
It was all uncomfortable, lovely, beautiful, totally CocoRosie.
It\'s no surprise that Bianca is hanging out around Brooklyn today and playing live games is far from a natural impulse.
\"Live broadcast is not natural at all,\" she said in heavy traffic.
\"We had to learn to do it and accept the fact that we were really uncomfortable and strange and we were a little satisfied with it.
\"The short but productive history of coloxi is based on accepting their musical quirks.
With their wonderful 2004 debut, the home of Meng Reve, and the well-received follow-up, they gradually gained independent acclaim
On Noah\'s Ark, they drew a completely different creative route;
A person who visits surrealism, the gospel of crackles, the pop of drama, artifacts and crooked hipshop.
With their third album \"The Adventure of Ghosthorse\" and \"stillbirth\" released this week, the rise of CocoRosie remains a shock to the young Casady
\"It\'s a bit complicated,\" she said . \" Then paused.
\"We were confident in the beginning, but we had nothing to do with the wider world.
\"We feel very effective about what we are doing, but don\'t think others will accept this or agree with it.
So it\'s strange.
\"It\'s a miracle for the sisters to make music together.
Barely speaking for ten years (
\"We stubbornly give each other a 10-
\"A year of silent therapy,\" casadi laughed)
, This pair only when reconnected on 2003, 20-year-old Bianca -
Traveling in Europe.
She appeared at random at her sister\'s doorstep and was studying to become an opera singer in Paris.
Over the next few months, they shared their very different creative impulses and ended up recording their debut in the bathtub in Sierra.
\"This is really a document that we are together for the first time as adults,\" Casady said . \".
\"This album is not intentional --
You know, I never thought I would make music, and I prefer writing --
This is just part of a broader creative event that we are working on. \"While follow-
Noah\'s Ark was tracked on the tour, and gossors and stillborn adventures witnessed the brothers and sisters adjourning to the south of France, where they wrote and recorded for six weeks in almost isolated situations.
\"We were on an old farm ourselves and we could record it with an old barn,\" casadi said . \".
\"We work mainly at night, just really understand the elements around us;
Natural environment and animals, and very simple and simple things.
\"We often find ourselves a little disgusted with our environment, but this is a strange example because we are really romantic by the atmosphere.
\"More complete and concise than previous efforts, the result is as sweet and mysterious as confession and mystery.
But while the record still embodies this fascinating and naive artistic spirit, it does bring a new comfort and confidence to the sisters.
\"We definitely don\'t feel like we were outsiders like we used to,\" casadi said . \".
\"I think we are all very comfortable now.
It\'s strange to change so quickly.
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