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by:Marslite     2019-09-08
Best works by local and international artists waiting for the public at the Malaysian flower festival (BAFM)2017.
The event was hosted by the Malaysian Chinese cultural and artistic consultative committee with the theme \"Negaraku \"(MCCACC)
With the support of local and international partners in Kuala Lumpur Wisma MCA.
Today it will open with a 24 season drum, harmonica, cappella and cultural dance show, paving the way for this month
A long-time art feast featuring performing arts, art exhibitions and photographic displays.
Datin Paduka, chairman of MCCACC, chewing Mei Fun said: \"Whether it\'s acting, equipment, stage lights or clothing, the grand opening night will definitely be a feast for the eyes.
In addition to providing a platform for local artists to showcase their skills, BAFM 2017 also has international performers from China, Taiwan, India, Japan, Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand.
The audience will be welcomed all over the world.
Classroom Performance in Malaysia
August 4 Taiwan dance special, \"the glory of Bloom\" 1-8 months 13 days of Malaysia, China and India, \"the glory of Bloom\" 2-8 months 20 days of large-scale performances in five countries in Asia, the awards ceremony was held on August 31.
For lovers of traditional Chinese performing arts, there is dance here. in Legacy.
In August 12, Han Fang dance troupe performed, in August 13, the Malaysian century Chinese Orchestra and the Pez Hall performed \"Pipa legend\", and in August 20, the Cantonese opera gala was held by Selangor Renren Drama Association.
At the art fair, handmade enthusiasts will find Chinese decorative knots, cute animal and comic hero paper cuts, decorated with LED lights, handbags made of recycled aluminum, and other handicrafts.
In addition, art exhibitions such as Yapu Hongji, Kang Meirong, Yew Chin Yi and chongxinmen will be held.
Movie lovers can watch 29 Asian movies for free, including Japan\'s fireworks from the heart, Singapore\'s bangga Sajan, and Taiwan\'s cape.
There is also the love of Malaysia\'s own icakang puppy.
Throughout the BAFM, workshops will be held in the art fields of photography, pottery, Chinese knots, sketches, micro clay art, origami, 24-season drums, cardboard creation, tea art and needle wool craft.
The entrance to art fairs, exhibitions and selected exhibitions is free, while workshops are charged.
Season tickets for three or five shows are RM80 and RM120, respectively.
Please visit www for information.
Flowering festival.
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