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by:Marslite     2019-09-11
Students at Sherborne School are tasting the taste of rock --
Due to the annual music festival, what is the star experience that teenage boys are not eager to perform on the main stage of the festival?
Students at Sherborne School in Dorset County found a way to experience the bright lights and rocking atmosphere.
Every year from the beginning of the year
After the 90 s, the boys\' boarding school held its own festival at its historical center, and the proceeds were donated to charity.
The event is called a court concert and is held on the courtyard of the school (
Called a court)
Set in the famous monastery of Sherborne and the school\'s own church.
\"This is a very impressive venue,\" reflected James Henderson, Sherborne\'s music director . \".
\"We are equipped with professional lighting and sound engineers.
For those bands that have a chance to perform, it feels like every inch is a festival all the way up to 1,000-The audience is strong.
\"The town of Sherborne is an outstanding place to study, with many other independent schools and thriving state schools.
Students from these neighboring institutions are invited to run for election and
School bands are common.
This shows the popularity of music in Sherborne, especially in boys schools.
This is largely due to the status of Chris Martin, the lead singer of the cool play band, among alumni.
But as Mr Henderson said, it\'s not just rock music that has benefited from this image.
\"At Sherborne School, music, especially singing, is thought to be cool, which is very unusual among teenage boys,\" he said . \".
\"Our students don\'t tend to distinguish between appearing in a rock band and singing in a church choir.
This is a performance for them, which they like very much.
\"The opportunity to perform on the court is not easy.
The band must win their place on the bill through a series of auditions organized by the school rock music Association RocSoc.
The lucky few have the opportunity to play six songs at the annual event.
In addition to the current performers, the organizers have also invited a headline.
This is usually a band that originated from the school, making waves in the music industry.
\"We will have three this year.
\"Piece act New Carnival has an increasing number of fans across the country and is established in Sherborne,\" Mr Henderson reported . \".
It feels good to sprinkle star every once in a while.
But the most prominent feature of a concert in court is that it is a student.
Leadership Initiatives, not spoons
Fed taste of professional music world-making.
The original idea was put forward by the students who enjoyed the opportunity to experience all aspects of organizing, hosting and hosting the festival.
\"There are always a lot of boys running around backstage and learning from sound and light technicians involved in the event,\" Mr Henderson said . \".
\"So when it comes to giving our other music activities a professional feel, our students are good --
Proficient in all-round production skills.
\"On-the same is true.
Stage performers, they have a chance, many can only dream if they want to be a rock star.
Music scholar Charlie Smith knows this too well, he performs at the 2015 concert and hopes to do it again in 2016.
The fifth explained: \"I am eager to experience another concert in courtformer.
\"This is one of the best things I have ever done.
\"It\'s a pretty big requirement, like a young man who already has a flute diploma at Trinity College London --playing.
Mr. Smith, who combined his interest in classical music with playing a rock guitar, said he wanted to continue his family tradition as a professional musician.
\"My father is a folk musician,\" he explained. \"I have long been eager to make a living with music.
After leaving Sherborne, I hope to read music in college, and I am eager to continue studying flute and guitar.
\"The Concert in court has certainly given Mr. Smith and other students the experience of life on stage.
\"From auditions to sound checks in the afternoon before the show, the whole experience was fantastic,\" he said.
It really deepened my love for acting.
All voices are from the heart
Be positive, especially when you consider the charitable dimension of the event.
Altruism is not over because the Sherborne School strives to share its passion for music and the first
Rating facilities with other schools in the area.
Mr. Henderson said: \"For example, we will have an event for the primary school in Bristol to come to Sherborne to make music.
Many of the boys who will be on stage at the Court concert are involved in the process because they are eager to inspire others with a love of performance.
\"It looks like the benefits of this school rock festival far outweigh the opportunities it offers students to perform on the big stage.
By generating a deep appreciation of music throughout the community and sharing it widely, it has all the features of a win-win situationwin situation.
Chris Martin had better start with his shoulder.
The next generation of Sherborne music stars are ready to take the stage.
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