sheffield united\'s chris wilder, leon clarke relive hillsborough triumph: \'it\'s not another game, never will be\'

by:Marslite     2019-08-31
\"What did I think of when I thought of that day? Relief. Joy.
Where is the next drink? !
When I was a child, I accumulated a lot of emotions and supported the team.
The most important thing is the feeling that we have to win. \"Thirty-
Seven years ago, Chris Wilder watched his first Sheffield derby in the stands and planned a famous red-and-
Manchester United beat the city\'s white side 4-1 on Wednesday
2 greed on the device-awaited return.
It was the first time the blade scored 4 goals in Hillsborough, two of which came from Lyon Clark, who had been struggling on Wednesday but later became a cult hero across the divide
Here, before the reverse race on Friday night, Wilder and Clark spoke to Sky Sports about the inside story of the September showdown --
The whole extraordinary afternoon was preparing for the mood. . .
Sheffield is preparing for the first Steel City derby in five years. and-a-half years.
The last time a competitor met was on the third floor.
1 win on Wednesday
0, the remaining time of the season to maintain an unbeaten title automatic promotion.
Manchester United lost a penalty in the game.
Until Wilder, he struggled in the league. boyhood Blade -stepped in.
This is the first game he was looking for when they returned to the tournament-
Just a few hours after his 50th birthday.
Chris Wilder: \"We \'ve been hit for six years and that\'s right.
We had the opportunity to get out of the department, followed by an amazing event.
All the ridicule, all the talk, because they\'re the top team in Sheffield, we\'re so-
Called bar DivisionThe lead-up was immense.
We are back to level.
Incredibly, the game was scheduled for the day of my 50th birthday.
It was moved back for a day, but what a wonderful weekend it would be --
Only we won, though.
\"Everyone is talking about the commitment and enthusiasm we show, but we know we have more.
Some people in Sheffield Wednesday, if they see what we did a year before the start of the season --
Watch us closely.
I will know that we are a decent person and will go there without fear.
This is the first thing I want to bring back.
Fearless football
We respect the opposition, but we have to have a big discussion about our affairs.
Leon Clark: \"The manager told us in no uncertain terms what this means for all those who are connected to Sheffield United.
But when you go out for coffee or in the supermarket, people stop you and let you know how important it is for them and their families.
Do you have extra motivation to be a player on the previous Wednesday? Of course.
It\'s a big game, but it\'s a special one for me.
My hamstring was a bit tight but there was no doubt I missed the match.
\"The wait is almost over.
A sale in Hillsboro-out.
Wilder left the locker room a few minutes before the players, eager for a moment.
Wilder: \"I watched the game in the stands, but I didn\'t leave Hillsboro as a player.
I made it an important game and I hope it feels like this.
I know the opposition will not go that way, so we chose this major.
If I didn\'t tag it otherwise, it would be a total disrespect for our punters.
I went out first.
I want to experience the whole atmosphere.
But I know we\'re ready.
We\'re ready to fight-
We want to play.
It was an incredible atmosphere and incredible noise.
Clark: \"There\'s a lot of noise.
You\'re in the tunnel-
Wednesday was narrow in Sheffield.
I heard a roar as I walked out.
I looked around and there was blue and white everywhere.
Then I look to my left.
I know where the away fans are.
See all the red and white. Crazy.
The manager told us that it was an opportunity to show all the fans on Wednesday that we were champions.
\"Tourists won the early free-kick.
The young David Brooks rolled the ball back on the road to John Fletcher, who turned to the left whip lashes
The foot shot past the stranded Kelon Westwood.
Manchester United are only three minutes ahead.
Wilder: \"We will go in the first 10 minutes --
We want to force ourselves. Big Bash (Chris Basham)
Won a huge header in about 30 seconds and I thought, \'We are here and we won\'t give in.
For the young Brooksy, catch the ball, finish the four in the back and then foul, which shows that we are serious.
Then it\'s wonderful free. kick -
The one we practiced.
Clark: \"He hit it and I knew it was-
He felt very sweet.
I tried to celebrate with him but it was hard
He\'s been halfway on the court.
\"15 minutes later, Manchester United 2-0 up.
Enda Stevens got a ball off the court, but the blue oneand-
The white shirt mistook its bounce.
Clark, on the familiar lawn, before stroking Westwood, put it on his path.
Clark: \"I ran-
At first I tried to control it with my thigh but eventually got my stomach fit into it.
I can see the goalkeeper coming out and I think I will try to keep a low profile.
Fortunately, it\'s under him.
The way I started this season meant I was calm, but I was ecstatic.
Wilder: \"We took the lead in the first 20 minutes and entered many good positions, but then got permission. Great scenes.
Our biggest question before the game was Billy Sharp.
To the medical staff, it is impossible for him to get involved, but I know how important it is for him.
I think it\'s important to have him in the coach, in the locker room, in the bomb shelter.
I was most disappointed that I couldn\'t let him play.
But Leon sat on the bench, and it was for the captain. \"In first-
Half the rest time, the mood will change.
Rose Wallace reached out and bounced the ball from the line, and Gary Hooper rotated and beat him on the near post of Jamar Blackman.
Wilder: \"They had some, but I think we should be 2-0 up.
Hooper did a great job-
He did a good job.
But the atmosphere of the game changed in a flash.
The players were disappointed, but there was no need for them to think so.
We have to regroup and let ourselves go.
We know it will be big after 10 minutes of rest.
Clark: \"I was a little disappointed personally.
We played very well in the first half.
Created some good opportunities to show what we meant as a team, so admitted before the first half --
Time is disappointing
Brooks got rid of the importance of the game unpolitely in his second league start.
Back at the goal, it was Jack Hunt\'s turn on Wednesday and the game was over.
Clark is free.
But the height of the pass is awkward.
Wilder: \"I have five pictures of nutmeg in my office!
You talk about the iconic moments of the Sheffield derby, but no one is surprised by everything he does given his abilities.
Unfortunately, we are not finished (the move)off.
Clark: \"I walked really right on the pitch, but I saw Brooks get the ball through his leg.
My hands are in the air-
I wish he could play on the floor, but he showed up a bit of a sudden and my first touch was not very good and it went over in the bar.
I know how important this goal is.
I \'ve been thinking about it for the next few minutes.
\"On Wednesday, in a dominant position, substitute Lucas Joo collected a low ball from Adam Reach and controlled it with a right boot in front of the black team with his left foot.
The level of the owner is 25 minutes away and Hillsboro is rocking. Clarke: \"Two-Zero, now it\'s 2-
You think, \'Oh, no \'.
The noise after they scored, I don\'t think I heard anything like that.
Wilder: \"They started better than we did and changed their shape.
This is a game for them.
I think we will be very naive and arrogant to think that we will go to Hillsboro to play the whole game.
They have good players, but we think our unity will help us get through it.
Joao did a fantastic job, and even though I was a blade, it was deafening at that moment.
\"While another substitute, Mark Duffy, was cleared by Clark\'s round-the-ball, the jubilant home fans were still bouncing back.
This angle is tight, but Duffy twists and turns in one way, and then another, before quickly restoring Manchester United\'s lead.
Co-said, \"What\'s done ? \"
Commentator Danny higinbotan
\"He has no right to score from there.
Clark: \"The only thing I remember is the noise.
The whole stadium is shaking.
Wilder: \"It reflects our attitude and we take a center-
Put Mark Duffy in half.
We\'re down.
Will be called for a long time-was bouncing.
They have a song for our Blade and they are (bouncing)-
It is correct to do so because they have returned to the level.
From their point of view, there may be only one winner.
I would love to see this in the stands with the Manchester United fans. .
The way \"Dafu\" turns the center
Half inside, then tie it inside.
This is a great response and a great personal skill that will last for a long time.
\"After re-leading, Manchester United will stay awake when Clark locks the ball to Brooks at the top. The ex-
On Wednesday, the striker was busy between the two guards and finished the game skillfully.
For the remaining 13 minutes, the showdown has been confirmed.
Clark: \"I tried to go beyond the center --
The half and the ball sat fine so I tried to eat a bit.
I can see the ball spinning but luckily it hit the post and rotated in.
I stood in front of the Manchester United fans with open arms and left.
I can see everyone jumping up and down.
Wilder: \"I think it\'s a complete, all
A show in Lyon
The only disappointment was that he didn\'t wear a hat.
But he can\'t be greedy, and I can\'t be picky.
At that time, it was a great feeling to take the game away from there;
It really stabbed the dagger into their heart.
The whistle sounded.
This is Manchester United\'s most important derby victory in 25 years.
They scored four goals in Hillsborough for the first time.
Clark: \"I will make it one of the highlights of my career.
After spending the best time there, go back to Hillsboro and show people that I am a good player. . .
All the staff, the submarine that didn\'t get on the bus, we all stayed at the end to celebrate-
You can see how important it is.
I don\'t think I will feel that way anymore.
We turn off the lights and turn the speakers on.
We have disco lights.
Party atmosphere in the dressing room.
Wilder: \"I\'m very excited.
There\'s a lot in my head. My father-in-
Law, who has been to every game, cannot attend because he is not in good health and my father cannot.
I didn\'t participate in the players and their celebrations at first.
I just wanted to look around and I wanted to put everything in.
Get in the locker room-
We have police escort.
It\'s very special to go back to Brammer Lane.
We were very sad about the players they got and the players we didn\'t get, but it was a huge statement.
This is not a back. against-the-wall victory -
We are totally valuable.
\"It should be an early night for players --
We have Wolves on Tuesday-
But that\'s never the case for me.
It\'s been a long time in the evening and I enjoy every minute.
This is not another game.
Never, never.
This is a big derby.
Living in Sheffield and growing up here, this is the biggest.
In the home of your most competitive competitors, there is no better statement than this --
For the players, the staff, but most importantly all the supporters;
We returned the club to them on the biggest stage.
\"Watch the second Steel City derby of the season between Sheffield United and Sheffield Wednesday, and live Sky Sports football and major events starting at seven o\'clock P. M. on Friday.
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