‘sex is good for you… best on stage during a show’ — inside pavarotti’s larger-than-life story in new film

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When the opera legend Pavarotti died, his predecessor visited him.
Wife-he left her for a woman 34 years younger than her.
But the charming star told former Adua Veroni that she was \"beautiful\" and persuaded her to prepare his favorite spaghetti sauce for him.
As a new Oscar documentary, Adua is not the only woman who has been fascinated by Pavarotti.
According to filmmaker Ron Howard.
According to his former manager, Herbert Breslin, the singer \"likes music, women, food and football --in that order”.
The documentary entitled \"Pavarotti in the UK next month\" describes the tenor\'s attitude towards sex in detail. in the video, he told reporters the advantages of Viagra: \"If your children ask, sex is always good for you.
It doesn\'t matter before or after the show.
\"The best thing is to be on the only table on stage during the show.
\"It also shows how the 25-year-old singer asked for pasta, Parmesan cheese and salami on the tour.
The idea of his diet was to have a chicken, beans and mashed potatoes and then three scoops of ice cream. . .
Leave the fourth scoop in the Bowl
Pavarotti became the world\'s most famous opera star after three tenor concerts in 1994 with Spain\'s prisido dominguo and José Carreras.
Foodie fans still love his Nathan Dorma show, which the BBC used in reports of Italy\'s 1990 World Cup.
But he was born humble and grew up in Modena in northern Italy.
Adele\'s mother works in a cigar factory, his father Fernando works in a bakery, and his father is also a tenor.
His grandmother often takes care of him and says being raised by a woman makes him \"very spoiled and loved \".
When he was 12 years old, he was infected with tetanus and almost died. his family was at the bedside of the hospital.
The young man was in a coma for two weeks and was in a coma twice at the final ceremony.
The experience gave him the fullest appreciation of life, and although his mother wanted him to be a teacher, the Juventus lifelong fan began to work hard to realize his dream of becoming a goalkeeper.
In his 50 s he was not impressed in the match with Modena, but after a voice coach he quickly discovered his perfect stadium and football
Pavarotti, who married Adua in 1961, initially performed at the regional opera house and believed that his big breakthrough had arrived, was asked to represent Giuseppe Di St in 1963.
Another Italian opera
La bohème in the West End of London.
It was a successful performance, but the tenor had to tour in his sixties, and it wasn\'t until after a performance in New York in 1972 that people really began to notice his talent.
Pavarotti performed Antonio at the Metropolitan Opera House in Donizetti and achieved an amazing feat of nine high Cs in a row.
The superstar is finally here.
\"I fell in love with this man, and then I fell in love with this voice,\" Adua, 81, recalled in the movie.
Who wouldn\'t like the voice of Pavarotti?
Pavarotti\'s conquest included Madeline Renee, an amazing and talented opera singer who met her in 1979 while working as a master class at New York\'s top Julia Conservatory of Music
She became his secretary in exchange for him to coach her
Enthusiasm soon rose.
Madalyn recalls that the tenor is \"naughty\" and has a \"sense of humor\" for primary school students \".
She said: \"He will like the funny little things, the stupid things.
\"I traveled with him. He had 28 suitcases. he never packed them in his life.
He is very demanding.
God forbid that his handkerchief is not where they should be.
\"This is the case with this relationship-
Because I am a friend, a student, a secretary.
He is my mentor, my teacher, my lover.
\"I never thought I would have a relationship with Luciano, but it\'s hard to see where to draw the line.
\"I remember there was a recital where I was holding his hot tea backstage and all of a sudden he dragged me to the stage and sang a duet --
The lyrics include \"Do you love me ? \"’ and ‘I do!
Because Pavarotti was still married to Adua, they ended up breaking up.
Madalyn called it \"the moment of pain for me and him \".
They haven\'t spoken for years.
Famous friends also came.
After meeting Princess Diana on 1991see top right)
He is more involved in charity work.
His main project is Pavarotti and Friends, the first of a series of concerts such as Elton John and Sting\'s fundraising for charities.
After the first meeting, he met Nicoletta Mantovani, who worked in an equestrian show during her college years.
She is 23 and he is 57.
\"At the beginning, I told everyone that I was an assistant, but that\'s not the case,\" Nicoletta said.
\"It\'s not easy to say I have a relationship with a 34-year-old man.
Luciano is my great defender.
He\'s been protecting me.
Soon after they got together, she found out that she had MS and was worried that he would leave her.
But Pavarotti told her: \"I love you so far.
I adore you now.
\"The couple kept their relationship secret for years until they were photographed kissing while on holiday in Barbados.
Fans of Pavarotti are shocked by what they consider to be devout Catholics.
Angry Adua filed a divorce request for a divorce of £ 70.
It was reported that when Pavarotti refused, she
In an investigation in Italy, he paid seven pounds.
Tax refund 6 million
Adua said she \"heard the story of Pavarotti\'s derailment but never wanted to believe it \".
Their divorce was in 2000.
Not long after, Pavarotti praised Viagra for its merits by applying salt to the wound.
He married Nicoletta in 2003.
Manager Herbert buslin promoted Pavarotti by having Pavarotti attend a solo and send him on a country trip to the United States, where he was addicted to the three offerings of macaroni cheese
This is a new twist in Pavarotti\'s other major hobbies --Italian food.
He weighs 25 lbs.
In the documentary, an Italian opera singer said Pavarotti asked him to bring a few kilograms of totelini, Parma cheese and salami while visiting him. On a month-
On a long trip to China in 1986, he invited two chefs from Genoa to go with him and at their Beijing hotel, the two rooms became kitchen due to his refusal to eat Chinese food.
Such a trip made Pavarotti feel \"lonely\", so he turned to his entourage, including female ones.
Adua said his bluff was a scam, after they broke up, \"there was a change in public opinion in Pavarotti,\" and \"The image of the noble singer declined \".
About this time, Nicoletta was pregnant with twins.
Although her son died, her daughter Alice became a beacon in Pavarotti\'s life.
In the later stages of his career, Pavarotti was attacked by critics who said that his arrogance was once unquestionable, part of his talent and is now unacceptable
He did not show up at the concert, hobbled forward in the performance, joking to delay the time.
Pavarotti continued to search for new collaborators and persuaded Bono to sing a song with him and bomb his Italian Butler over the phone.
He eventually showed up at the door of Borno in Dublin and forced him into the studio.
As a result, for the victims of the war in the former Yugoslavia, the unforgettable Miss Serra fever.
In the film, Bono jokingly called Pavarotti one of the \"great emotional wrestlers --
He will break your arm \".
In 2004, Pavarotti started 40-
The tour, but because it didn\'t hit the notes as before, was criticized by fans of the Opera House.
The lead singer of the U2 band said the cracks in his voice were the sign of \"He lived these songs\" and he had to \"break his heart again and again\" to sing the songs.
In 2006, before the end of the tour, Pavarotti was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, which caused chaos in the last 14 months of his life.
His 30-year friend, Dr. Lidia La Marca, claimed that Nicoletta was trying to force him to sign a \"American\" will.
It is speculated that Pavarotti revealed to Dr. La Marca that he was considering leaving Nicoletta and changed his will two weeks before his death to exclude her.
He died in Modena on September 2007 at the age of 71. In Modena, 50,000 people walked past his coffin. A year-
Adua and her three daughters then fought a long legal battle with Nicoletta over his £ 0. 25 billion property.
They finally reached an agreement.
If Pavarotti is still alive, he will undoubtedly try to end the conflict.
In his family video taken over the past few months, he admitted that one of his few regrets was \"not the father I wanted to be \".
But he said with a smile while wearing a Hawaiian shirt.
Even in the end, he did not lose any charm.
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