setting the stage for a home sale

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When Dana Smithsonian prepared the house for the real estate market, she told the owner that his precious collection of samurai knives had to fall off the wall.
\"It\'s hard for him,\" Smith said of weapons.
However, if the property is to attract as many potential buyers as possible, any item considered a private item-
From family photos and souvenirs to political or religious art, it means anything that can distract, offend, or provoke --
Smith insisted that the warehouse must be temporarily entered.
Founder\'s PRES performed and redesigned on stage.
According to North Vancouver
A pioneer in a relatively new home-
Staging business, \"non-personalized\" a family and \"pre-
The expression of packaging \"personal life is the key to selling the property as much as possible and as fast as possible.
\"Once you sell your house, it\'s a commodity,\" said the staging teacher and author of the books, which include \"start running a family staging business\"Counsel Press.
\"The biggest mistake of going home --
Sellers think they can\'t look at their property objectively. ”Taking a no-
Nonsense, look at your life
At home, then give it a transformation without feelings-
Whether it\'s doing it yourself or paying late fees to provide a portion of all the services --
It is the whole content of family staging.
Susan Evans of downtown Vancouver family suites said: \"A lot of people think it\'s just a fun job, but there\'s also a lot of business stuff.
Evans charges $225 for standard initial consultationsized house.
Including a room-by-
Room assessments, measurements and photos followed by proposals and cost estimates for full staging.
Experience in blacksmith, consult one-
Bedroom Apartment (
Rental of furniture or lamps is not included)
$500, and about $1,000 a day in the house.
Some Realtors include a basic $100 installment consultation fee in their service packages.
It is then up to the homeowner to decide whether or not he or she wants to hire a stage actor.
According to the Smithsonian, in the end, the sales of staging houses accelerated by 50, 6 to 13 percentage points higher than those that were not ready for the market.
At the beginning of the process, Mr. Smith asked, \"Who is most likely to buy?
A couple with children, or pets, a senior, or a young business person?
Or does anyone want to turn over the property?
\"Look at what your neighbors are selling, who bought it, and how much it costs,\" she suggested . \".
By understanding potential buyers, you can better decide how much time and money you spend on staging and what you need.
Professional stagers-
Family experts-design trends —
I will tell you to make it simple, neat and open
As far as possible.
The next step, says Mr Smith, is to identify the main features of each room.
In a blacksmith\'s family, a pet rabbit and a lot of rubbish live in the room designed to be a study.
She restored it to its original purpose.
In the same home, a computer and related equipment were removed from the place where the meal was scheduled.
\"The function is the first,\" says Smithsonian . \".
\"And then find a focus --
Maybe a fireplace or a beautiful view.
When people walk in, the focus is the first thing you want them to see.
You want them to say, wow, I like it.
The next step is \"cancel\"
Chaos \"and\" personalized.
\"As a professional stage actor, you have to be a psychologist --
You have to be witty.
The seller must be on board (the process). Ninety-
The proportion of sellers is 5.
The other five grades are not ready for removal (From their home).
\"Almost all houses, absolutely 10 years old or over, must be repainted.
\"This is to refresh the family --
Painting is the most important thing.
\"One thing people can do,\" says Smithers . \".
Neutral color is highly recommended.
She added that it is expected to pay the asking price of three to five in terms of improvement.
When a Kitsilano homeowner asked Susan Evans how best to put on his length
She ignored the estate property on a limited budget and advised him to paint the entire four paintingsbedroom house.
\"It will have the greatest impact on him,\" she said . \".
Many families need new flooring and hardwood floors are the first choice.
For every major purchase or service, more than one offer can be made, says Mr Smith.
Several check out-
Before shelling the entire package, stop first.
\"Let them do a demo. Get references.
It\'s really important.
\"Furniture placement is the key,\" Smith continued . \"
\"We usually take out about half [owner’s]furniture —
You only want the necessities in each room.
The farther the eyes go, the bigger the room looks.
Most people like the modern, clean look.
\"Normally, it is necessary to rent basic neutral furniture.
The fluff design in East Vancouver is one of the local companies that rent everything they need to temporarily provide the House
From stylish sofas and tables to brightly colored bedding and lighting.
Then, the flattering light \"creates an atmosphere --
This is the emotion, \"notes Smithsonian, where you can purchase all types of lighting at home at a relatively cheap price. décor and big-box outlets.
\"Look for fashion and modern things.
Finally, some accessories were added: Generally accepted art, brightly colored cushions, and perhaps beautiful plants or flower vases.
When Evans was asked to run a small mill
Gao Guilin\'s house, also with as little money as possible, exposed several Antique sconce lights hidden or neglected by furniture to her and her designer.
Remove about half of the furniture including the TV (
Trademark Action for Canadian staging professionals, she trained with them)
, And unpacking antique cabinets (or hutch)
From the drawer it sits in, and then repositioned the lower part, the House gained new charm and spaciousness.
Sometimes stage designers create a small \"scene\" or episode, says Mr Smith.
In a master bedroom, for example, they gather a table, a lamp, a book and a comfortable chair together.
\"It makes you want to sit down and cuddle up with a book.
This is the power of advice.
Similarly, Evans has proved that placing a small antique table in an otherwise empty corridor and adding some accessories can bring a neglected niche to life.
In fact, one by-product of family staging is advising homeowners on how to live well, Mr. Smith said.
\"I let women cry in the family we did.
They want to know why they don\'t do it themselves.
This is all about change.
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