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by:Marslite     2019-09-09
With the first batch of spring flowers in full bloom in the front yard, the fresh \"for sale\" logo is also in full bloom.
As homeowners strive to sell their homes faster
For more money.
They are looking for ways to separate their homes from their neighbors.
Anne Bourne of StagingWorks said: \"Most buyers make a decision in 15 seconds . \" (www. stagingworks. ca)
So it\'s important to make sure you make the best first impression.
She suggests that you spend about 1 cent of the value of your house to help it be ready for sale, and the process is called \"staging\" your house.
\"Putting the house together can help potential buyers imagine themselves in your home,\" said Ahmed Javadi, internal turnaround coordinator.
\"This is of course very useful for highlighting the selling features of your house.
But most importantly, it can help you sell your property faster and better.
\"Djawadi quoted the United States. S.
The study tracked more than 2,700 properties showing ungraded properties, with an average of 31 days listed and 1 day sold.
More than 6 cents for the price, while the staging property sold 6 in 14 days.
35 cents above the asking price.
Both Djawadi and Bourne suggested asking for help and calling professionals to get the job done.
\"While you may have extraordinary taste in building a house according to your needs, professionals will be able to bring new perspectives to help you understand your house from a customer\'s perspective, djawadi \".
Also, Byrne said, \"stagers know what people are looking for today.
She says buyers are looking for properties to move --in ready —
They \"don\'t want to buy jobs.
\"An experienced stage designer will really understand the different neighborhoods and what buyers are looking for,\" said Byrne.
For example, the fact that some areas may require granite countertops for competitive resale means that it may be difficult for ordinary homeowners, she said
Be pressed to uncover
Whether you\'re flying alone or calling a professional, you can get some basic knowledge and help you prepare your family open day.
Clean thoroughly
From the clean floor to the freshly washed skirting-
Is essential, because it is\"
Personalize your space.
Reduce family photos and souvenirs and let potential buyers imagine their life at home.
Djawadi says homeowners often make mistakes by highlighting their favorite parts.
\"Although it does add charm
\"A strong reflection of the previous life of the House may also dampen the imagination of potential buyers, especially their ability to paint their own lives on the wall,\" he said, noting that the home should be presented as a blank canvas.
It is also wise to reduce the size of furniture, improve traffic flow and prevent space from feeling cramped.
While you may like extra seats in the oversized section, the sofa and occasional chairs may make the space feel less claustrophobic.
\"Family home is a very private space that has been carefully designed for years to suit your own tastes and needs.
However, these flavors and needs are not necessarily the same as those of potential buyers, \"explains Djawadi.
\"The two huge comfortable recliner chairs in your living room may relax you and your family for a few hours, however, they may not be the best furniture to show how the room is used in a different way.
The purpose should also be considered.
If you transform a restaurant or spare bedroom into an office
A common trend these days.
It\'s worth restoring at least half of them to other potential features to remind browsers that they have options.
Djawadi also highlighted the importance of storage space.
He said that crowded closets are not good, so finishing is the key, and it is recommended that families consider renting a storage space for extra boxes and furniture during the listing of the house.
It is also a good time to consider any necessary repairs or upgrades before listing your home.
While broken tiles or shabby furniture may not bother you, these are the details that buyers will notice.
This is a place where extra eyes can be particularly convenient, Byrne says, because the owners are often used to leaking taps, creaking doors, or curved outlet covers that they don\'t even notice.
She started a consultation, went through the room by room and noticed every less desirable feature.
While she admits it may seem harsh, homeowners need to look at the house through the eyes of potential buyers.
The necessary repairs are an obvious requirement, but it is also wise to consider the style of your home.
Bourne advises sellers to look at magazines and try to imitate those covers --
There is room worth it in your own home.
\"Fresh Paint is the most important thing,\" said Byrne, for a fresh look, noting that when choosing colors, \"you really want to go with your home.
She added: \"Neutrals don\'t have to be simple or boring, quotetrend taupe-
Gray or \"greige\" is a reliable choice.
She also recommends paying attention to lighting and upgrading to \"substantial\" fixtures with modern finishes such as rubbing oil and brushing nickel or up-to-
Date chandeliers offering sparks and drama.
Bourne also suggested taking it to the bedroom.
Decorative artwork, bedding, and light fixtures are \"cheap ways to renovate a room,\" she said, adding that replacing old dirty bedding with white or cream-colored sheets is an upgrade, you can go to a new home with you.
She recommends choosing bedding in neutral colors and lifting the color with huge throws, pillows and lights.
Don\'t forget the attraction of the road.
\"The front yard is the business card of the House, making a first impression on every passer-by and potential customer, the backyard is a place to relax and should be presented like this, djawadi \".
To improve the \"phone card\" in your home, Bourne recommends trimming the front yard, watering the covering, weeding and replanting the bed, and trimming the trees and hedges.
And, like in it, it\'s a good time to solve a lot of problems --
Style needs to be repaired and updated, for example, repainting the decor, applying a fresh coat of paint to the front door and laying a new welcome mat.
She also suggested adding some great urn for extra color boost.
Finally, Byrne says that when you go home, the sooner you start, the better.
She recommends starting the job before calling the realtor to evaluate your space.
\"If you do have a lot of things to do, you want to have a good start,\" and get plenty of time ready to take advantage of the spring market.
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