seeing the holidays through your toddler\'s eyes

by:Marslite     2019-10-09
Your toddler is getting to know more about what\'s going on around her
And getting better and better in communicating her ideas.
Although she is still too young to really understand the meaning of the holiday, she may enjoy attending the holiday ceremony.
Starting your own family tradition will never be too early, does that mean driving to the neighborhood to see all the sparkling lights, lighting the candles of the festival of light, reading aloud a favorite festival book, or listen to Christmas carols.
Still, the holidays will bring some special challenges to your toddler.
Remember that her stages of development and temperament can help you avoid problems and respond calmly when they occur.
You may find some useful trouble-shooting tips: keep her on guard.
If you are going to take your child to see Santa, take some time to explain who Santa is (an 18-month-
The old one will be 1-year-old)
And familiarize yourself with your child\'s appearance by looking at the pictures in the book.
If Santa doesn\'t want to, don\'t force her to sit with her and take pictures
Santa Claus will have enough time in the next few years.
Remember: It\'s the season of losing your temper.
From 12 months to 18 months, your child will test you every turn.
For example, when she reaches out for the holiday punch bowl and says \"no\", she will stop and look at your face --
Maybe she even shook her head and \"no\" in return.
But she will also test your reaction to her behavior by doing so again.
Your child\'s ability to understand what\'s going on around her outweighs her ability to communicate and can lead to frustration and collapse when you don\'t respond to her needs.
This could be a good year to celebrate in your house, where you will have more control over the environment.
Take her for a walk and shopping adventure whenever you can move leisurely, but when you lose your temper, consider leaving her to your partner or caregiver --free (
More efficient)
Holiday errands
Keep an eye on stimulus.
It\'s easy to get caught up in the joy of a holiday and forgetting too many new faces, new sights and sounds can overstimulate even the most sociable toddler.
Pay attention to the hint of your child: when you see signs of drowsiness, put her down for a nap or sleep (like ear-pulling, eye-
Friction and weirdness).
If your toddler starts to get overly excited or upset, she may need some rest time
Take her to a quiet room to read a book or play quietly until the clouds pass.
Pay attention to her schedule
Disrupting your child\'s schedule can lead to many problems during the holidays.
Try to stick to your toddler\'s usual sleep and waking hours whenever possible --
It\'s better to find a room where she can take a nap instead of spending the rest of the day with an overworked child.
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