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roadhouse cafe in union to present brian fitzpatrick and the band of brothers

by:Marslite     2019-10-07
Brian Fitpatrick and brothers, a famous New Jersey band, will sing their original music at the Salem Road House cafe on Saturday, February. 13, 7:30 p. m. (
Open at 7. m. )
$15 for tickets;
Students with I are $10. D.
Tickets include delicious coffee, tea, hot and cold drinks, hot and cold snacks, desserts.
The artwork will be on display at the Gallery House Cafe at Tangli Presbyterian Church, 829 Salem Road, Union.
Information Telephone (908)686-1028; e-
Email: salemroadhouse @ gmailcom;
Or visit an online hotel. org.
Roadhouse cafe is the second year offering lowcost, top-
Live music performances are provided to the community.
The atmosphere in the hotel is warm, with stage lighting, sound system and club-style lighting.
Round tables with real tablecloths, centers and candles provide you with a comfortable presentation experience.
The sound is perfect and the music is close to the individual.
Many performing artists ask for a rich experience for them.
The audience can meet and talk with the performers during the performance gap, while enjoying original art works on the gallery wall.
Roadshows always benefit local charities such as a brand new day, hope hospice, Port Elizabeth Presbyterian Center and NJ food bank.
The show in February will raise funds for the New Jersey community food bank.
The exhibition will also receive donations for relief in Haiti.
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