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by:Marslite     2019-10-01
When e performs the band\'s small desktop concert, it seems to be suitable for the evening only, illuminated by flashing lights.
The music performed and created by Mike Milosh reminds us of the romantic atmosphere of the night and swing.
Five years ago, when the band toured for its mysterious album women, we shot Reese by candlelight in New York City.
Mike Milosh asked for the members of the Rhye to be photographed on the Le Poisson Rouge show \"only silhouette, light darkening \".
This time, about a hundred flashing lights set the tone for the six-ensemble of strings, keyboards, guitars, bass and drums to play the music in the blood of 2018.
The sound was warm and soft, and all the instruments were beating softly, and Mike Milosh sang softly with that high voicepitched yearn.
Small table concerts are inherently awkward.
A band played for musicians in the office during the day and used to play with stage lights in the past night.
But when the music rang, there was a special change on this little table.
I\'m fascinated by the atmosphere of music.
This feeling when the sound completely changes the mood of the room.
The atmosphere is more of a family show than an office that puts me in a place of thought and pleasure.
Sit down and enjoy.
Producer: Bob bouvalen of Morgan Noel Smith;
Creative Director: Bob Boilen;
Audio engineer: Josh Rogosin;
Videographer: Morgan Noel Smith, Bronson Akuri, CJ likuran, Dani Lehmann;
Production Assistant: Joshua Bott;
Photo: Eslah Attar/NPR.
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