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review from the past: the hip continues to earn its reputation; gord downie steals the show with his antics

by:Marslite     2019-09-28
Anyone looking forward to a typical rock show at the RAND Center on Friday night is destined to leave the entertainment venue and even be a little confused.
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The quintet has been a de facto Canadian rock band since the end of 1980 and knows exactly how to make 6,000-
The seating hockey field feels like a noisy bar show.
Led by the mysterious singer Gordon Downey, in the band\'s 23-
Song Performance, hips from the stage to give the ruthless energy of nearly two peoplehour set.
Obviously his band members are not slacking off either, Rob Baker and Paul lonlois are dealing with the guitar, Gaud Sinclair is on the bass and Johnny Faye is on the drum
With the band on stage, opening with change, the lead singer single of their November album, plan A now, the crowd roared with approval when Dawney called up the lyrics
Wearing black jeans, a white button shirt, a black vest, a tight tie, a denim jacket and a black hat, looks pretty neat, the singer is his usual quirky self, for the most part of the performance, dance and follow the stage crazily.
The infamous stage joke, sometimes considered a bit outside, 48-
The one-year-old singer was not disappointed at one point, \"The goal is Friday night.
So the goal is Friday night.
It\'s Friday night. It\'s too cold outside except for hanging out. ”The Downie-
Ism resonated with a fairly diverse audience, as the comments caused a roar, indicating that most of the attendees were also prepared to relax.
When Hip\'s road workers prepare the stage for their set, two large LED video screens on both sides of the stage point out that this tour uses 100 of renewable and sustainable energy, however, the show never felt lacking because of the band\'s environmental awareness.
In addition to the amazing lighting and the first-class sound system, it is a bit minimalist, there are several LED lights around the stage, the background is made up of multiple hanging rectangular panels that glow from the lights, there seems to be some kind of crystal.
The panel also matches the front of the platform that supports the guitar cab and drum riser.
The video screen on the left and right side of the stage shows a continuous live concert shot from three cameras, ensuring that everyone in the arena can see the show, as well as the front row.
In music, the band plays a lot of hot songs, although they also include songs like fireworks, if you don\'t weaken it, it\'s the third time they \'ve played this tour in 27 shows so far, and it\'s a Wonderful Life.
As the band prepares to play their 18 songs, Donnie suggests, \"This is the last one (song)
Because I have one more thing to do.
It\'s not my only job, you know I\'m on the night shift.
As the crowd screamed and the band played the beginning chord of the music while I was working, the singer shouted \"who is working\", causing the crowd to escalate further.
After leaving the stage to regroup for a few minutes, the hips recovered and the three panels spelled out H-I-
P behind the stage.
The last bunch of people-
Happily, Donnie was especially kind to thank the audience many times for their fans and long-term support for the one-time bar band.
Hamilton group Arkells opened the night with a 40-year-old mental outlook.
At the beginning of the competition, the number of fans present was relatively disappointing.
Although a group of people began to fill the stands with most of the band\'s set, the quintet showed it was absolutely capable of entertaining audiences from the larger Canadian stage.
Its peppy alt rock, coupled with their apparent enthusiasm, was translated immediately, much earlier than most fans expected, allowing many to dance in their seats.
While the band is no stranger to multiple singles and growing fan base, there is no doubt that its vivid lineup won many new fans on Friday night.
Anyway, the hips are the main attraction on Friday night, and they will definitely pay for it with a show that shows the truly unique charm of this Canadian band.
Donnie, his eyebrows raising antics include the use of his white handkerchief and microphone holder to improvise a variety of modern dance variations throughout the scene, regular shouting and singing, and Bill Murray --
It\'s like the Joker might be considered weird, but they make absolutely sense in a sad internal conversation.
In every sense of the word, Donnie\'s teammates are a real professional group who are content to have the lead singer steal the spotlight and get everyone on the edge of the seat to see what he\'s going to do next
Interestingly, in fact, his grace is a real gain from a funky show, as the singer ensures that fans in the show really know how grateful the band is for their presence and loyalty.
Even after the show, when people leave the arena, the video screen freezes the message \"Thank you Regina\" in the crowd.
As a completely quirky and true Canadian band, Hip members also have 100 elegance, awe-inspiring and entertaining from start to finish.
With Arkells)When: Jan.
Month: Brent CentreSET LIST1.
In transformation. Grace, Too3.
Man-Machine poem4. Gift Shop5. Greasy Jungle6.
It\'s a good life if you\'re not weak.
Modern spirit.
One century ahead. Courage10. Flamenco11.
Street ahead 12
Spring in Vienna. Fireworks14.
We want to be it15. Poets16.
Completely 17.
New Orleans is sinking.
Music when I workWheat Kings20.
Amy hotel in Baili. Bobcaygeon22.
Navigation disaster 23. Fifty-
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