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review: sleuthing out art\'s mysteries at pageant of the masters

by:Marslite     2019-09-25
Last year, the Grand Master\'s event commemorated the history of the film with its big picture.
\"But this summer\'s work, art detective, may surpass that effort in combining elegant art with a diverse atmosphere.
The first clue to Hollywood sentiment is the beginning of the title projected on the stage of the Irwin bowl.
Behind the montage of the title of World War II is the title \"in war, art is besieged \"--
The first three words are linked to the movie.
Trailer dubbing (
Just like in a world where machines take over human beings, only one person stands on the path of destruction, say in your most graceful voice)
A recent comedy about voiceover artists in a world. . . \" as its title.
Then, before the first picture appeared, the beauty pageant shot another movie.
Thriller staple: the font that appears in the simulation
\"Amsterdam, Holland, 1939\" typewriter style.
Heroes, Villains and adventurers have dominated since then.
In the first part of art detective, we learned about some art owners who tried to protect their prizes from the Nazis, but did not always succeed, and the dreams of Adolfo Hitler, hope to have a grand German museum that displays the collection of German art.
The concept of the evil power of conspiracy to seize the object of beauty provides a framework for countless films, so that Alfred Hitchcock once created the term \"MacGuffin\" to represent any desired item --
A ring, a jewel, a small statue
The motivation to shape the characters.
The theme of \"Art Detective\" is that art itself can be a MacGuffin, and even an extinct dictator will revel in the beauty of a painting and risk his life to get it.
When the art detective looks at this irony, it is the most exciting: that is, the gorgeous artwork that represents the peak of refinement and civilization tends to inspire the worst emotions that represent humanity.
Another part of the show focuses on the infamous 1990 robberies at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston, with live actors acting as thieves posing as police officers entering (
The stolen works are still missing, and the empty frames in the museum are waiting painfully for their return).
If the fate of art is a mystery, its origin is also a mystery.
The early part of the show focused on Audrey Monson, a model in the early 20 th century.
Film actresses who have taken pictures of many famous sculptures, including the US Navy Maine National Monument in New York Central Park, have been unknown for decades.
The journey of art may also be ambiguous.
Like the statue of Edmund Lewis, \"the death of Cleopatra,\" it changed from the unveiling ceremony in Philadelphia in 1876 to a tombstone for an RV, a horse race, and ultimately, the warehouse of the Chicago contractor.
It is clear that sometimes art is still a mystery, at least for mortals.
The first scene of \"art detective\" ended with another movie set about the British excavator who broke into King Tutankhamen\'s tomb on 1922, as noted by the narrator of the beauty pageant, bring light into the room for the first time in thousands of years.
As the \"big picture\" from the silent entertainment --
The art detective, from the stills of the film to the paintings or sculptures that inspire the film, approaches the mysterious theme from different angles.
In some cases, there is no Irish theme in these works --
Like the stage poster for Dr. Jekyll and Mr.
Hyde, a statue of Sherlock Holmes and a Hollywood pulp thriller featuring a tonguein-
Cheek narrative and cast in Humphrey Bogart
Trench coat style.
The clips are interesting, but less appealing than other materials, if only because their fictional secrets cause thinking less than real --
Life robbery and burial.
In all cases, however, the picture was amazing, and before filming the stage lights, the crew set up Emanuel Lutz\'s Washington Crossing Delaware, this scene shows the extraordinary skill of the work.
Like most beauty contests, the current one ends with Leonardo da Vinci\'s Last Supper, and it turns out that this photo also has a survival story: During World War II, the painting is located behind sandbags and scaffolding to protect it from bombing.
Sometimes, the barricades, or the smart work of security guards, are the reasons for the continuation of the past culture.
In a world like ours, this is the case.
If you have a high hat: where is \"art detective\": 8: 30, Master beauty pageant, 650 Laguna Canyon Road, Laguna Beachm.
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