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review: segal centre\'s million dollar quartet driven by a million hits

by:Marslite     2019-09-08
If rock is really the music of the Devil then December.
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Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Cash, and Carl Perkins were fired when they met in an old radiator shop --turned-
With the close attention of legendary Sun Record owner Sam Phillips, their improvisation produced a record, a Multi-Million Dollar Quartet, fifty years later, it became the foundation of a popular musical with the same name on Broadway.
The current work at the Segal Center is very healthy to book in advance, so it will be transferred to the art square.
But, although in a sequence or two, the stage of Segal seems to be bathed in a terrible flame, most notably in the fever reproduction of Sara Diamond burning (
The singer plays Elvis\'s girlfriend)
It can be made with a little smell of sulfur.
The feeling of no cover
Very well, the quartet is a very good person to a large extent (
In sharp contrast to director Lisa Rubin\'s last work, sulfuric acid.
It is indeed a delightful 90-minute nostalgic entertainment, but in some way douses the potential fireworks of the play, which focuses primarily on the boy\'s loyalty to Phillips\'s father (James Loye).
But the main selling point of the show has nothing to do with telling a coherent character.
As many hits as possible than the package, including big fireball, hound, and of course blue leather shoes, performing with a bag of soda and crowd --Energy of pleasure
Imitation is pretty good in most cases.
The Sky seal persuasively captures the bass tone of cash and the Shepherd\'s support rod, a subtle hint by Edward Murphy Perkins that the eye is covered with young blood.
It is frustrating that the least effective character is the inevitable accumulation of the greatest character.
Elvis may not have a wooden heart, but he got a beautiful wooden explanation from George Chris sanari, who worked hard to convey the King\'s voice, the pure sexiness and his exciting performance
But this weakness, and the limitations of the script, was largely compensated by Christo Graham\'s amazing performance as a puksh, unstable Lewis
He reminds me of young Tim Rose.
Who won\'t play the piano like attacking it with every piano
I meanbody part.
It is wise that the show ended with Graham and the boy as Jerry Lee\'s entire Lotta Shakin continuing to perform firecrackers, leaving a distinct impression on the audience that the show was more exciting than it might be.
* Adding to the vitality of the Million Dollar Quartet, Erdal himself is working in Segal\'s studio space with one of the Chop theaters-
Humans show how to disappear completely.
This is a fascinating, surprising and interesting work, directed by James Dragon, the work successfully combined Eldar\'s passion for the stage lights with his memories of the death of his mother, Merry, in Israel at the turn of the millennium.
Erdal is an aspiring filmmaker.
At the urging of his mother, he traveled to Israel with a film camera in order to record her experience in the dark.
But the project was abandoned because it was revealed at the end of the show.
Erdal, who has never been trained by actors, is absolutely fascinating, whether it is to provide charming master classes in stage lighting (
He mainly operated the lights himself with the help of a portable control panel)
Interact with his mother\'s projection lens, or continue to entertain digressions about secret rants, the world\'s capital, and the pompous sea cattle.
As you would expect, it looks beautiful, with different lighting effects as glowing, but inadvertently conveys the metaphor of death and the fleeting ecstasy of life.
Highly recommended.
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