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revamp is this show\'s best friend

by:Marslite     2019-09-26
Written and directed by Ben Elton. Songs by Queen.
Located at Panasonic Theater, 651 Yongji Street. 416-872-
If you liked it before, you would like it now.
Last night, we will open for you at Panasonic Theater with a new, leaner, and more meaningful version, putting music and performers in front of you, where they have always belonged.
In order to accommodate a space less than half the size of the original home in Canon theater, the cast has shrunk and the scenery has basically been abandoned.
However, this does not mean that there is nothing to see.
Production designer Mark Fisher found a new way to suggest things with a pleasant minimalism, and the overall frame structure of the light Truss gave the whole thing an absolute welcome
Fisher\'s costume is also witty, and Willie Williams\'s lights seem to be more powerful than ever before.
On the opening night, however, there were some serious voice problems that caused the show to stop for 10 minutes halfway through the first scene.
It was an unfortunate accident, only once on the blue moon, and the actors worked frantically to get the momentum moving again.
They got help from the writer.
Director Ben Elton clips the show\'s script to help things move forward more easily.
He did very well and I can only advise him to do more next time.
If you didn\'t like the show before, you might not like it in the new venue, because the tacky exaggerated feeling of the original production has disappeared and the lovely actors are more prominent.
Yvan Pedneault has grown a lot in Galileo\'s leadership with all his old charm and many new self-confidence.
He looks, sounds and acts like young Bruce Springsteen, it\'s not a crime.
Erica Peck continues to have a good time as Scaramouche, but has learned to add dimensions to the character, leading to more laughter.
Alana Bridgewater got more sassier and saltier as the Killer Queen, using an island dialect that worked well and swayed from her numbers, and Adam allocated smarm with buckets.
Valerie stanoise is an awesome Oz, she has Leather Lungs, sexy for a few days and the real conductor of the stage, while Stirling Jarvis is loud like Duff, the heart is also very big.
Jack langjdick packed it perfectly like pop music. dried, stoned-
The essence of every old hippie you meet.
Jason jerstadt actively leads White people
The heat orchestra, which is more prominent this time, is very good.
A good time is better.
Look at it in its new home.
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