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reflecting on safety, failing as flu fighter and racing as big unknown

by:Marslite     2019-08-30
Last week I decided to go to work when I had a bad cold.
So other colleagues can take sick leave. has backfired. Miserably.
The year of the dog has started very early, and it is also bad for this kind of stuffy news report because I feel really depressed.
Yes, the sound is hoarse and the joints are howling.
As a flu fighter, I apologize to him and his Seattle rock band.
In the last five nights, three nights I was more shocked than in the earthquake, sweating more than the president
Hall\'s damage control handler is more useless than a Westerner trying to ride from Richmond --
It is headquartered in GoKabu.
I really hate being sick and hiding at home, especially during an exciting running and training season that is about to begin this weekend.
Held in Richmond on Sunday morning, 13-
60-week planplus B. C.
Saturday/Sunday location-
I may have to interrupt my appointment unless it recovers miraculously.
Sunday will also be held in Fraser Valley.
For more information about this event, click.
An assistant company/securities attorney in Vancouver told me later last week to \"stay safe and warm\" and forwarded a sweet gift to make sure both, especially when running
Holloway has been weaving and hooking since he was nine years old, making reflective beans, headscarves, scarves, leg covers, wristbands, stretchy hats and fingerless gloves.
She can also do a lot of other cool things.
They work in addition to being an interesting conversation opening!
Let\'s say I have a shiny light on my hat!
Holloway said: \"Too many people get hurt while walking or running in the dark . . . . . . Too many people don\'t wear any reflective clothes . \".
\"I have barely escaped a few times --
The driver who didn\'t pay attention missed it and I was wearing reflective gear with flashing lights.
\"Her Love Labor has never been designed to be more than just gifts for friends and family, but others have quickly noticed and asked for comfortable work that she can afford.
\"This is definitely not a get-rich-quick or get-rich-
Holloway laughed: \"It\'s OK at any time.
\"It takes me four or five hours to make a hat and I sell them for $30 (
$40 with machine guns).
\"My hourly salary is a\" reflection \"of the minimum wage in early 1990 \".
But when you create something with good results and you see someone wearing it and loving it, you have a great sense of pride and accomplishment.
\"Contact Holloway\'s email about her reflective product, which comes from West Van Run Crew, testing gear and fashion before most Cocks wake up and may not require an reflective cap Ms. Holloway!
Last week, the brave blogger featured what you might see on Fremont Street in Las Vegas or at a Blue Man Group show!
No one will bash anyone in costume, but Cuzen\'s latest demo can replace the celebration of the light tobacco festival or make people think disco lights are making a comeback!
Headquartered in Dayton, Ohio, New Year\'s has been launched with 360 Tracer and lighting gear for all night athletes, and it\'s hard to miss!
Cuzen is training for a wide variety of long term
Including remote events in Seattle.
Not sure if the event has flashing marshmallow. Stay tuned!
And spent the New Year at Surrey\'s cold Crescent Park to ensure their success in 2018 and launch.
The task is completed.
More than 300 people took part in the 8 k, 4k and children 2k competitions organized by the Peninsula runners.
Williams, who is together?
Pen run was established in 1996 and won 10k in 1988 (29:12)and 1992 (29:03)
But was defeated by Ellis in 1991. 29:03)—
Who is the general manager of pen run these days?
The owner of the Lanley pen run store
Fraser Valley Trail series is Ellis\'s baby, the second of four games
Part of the series is the beginning of 5k and 10k activities.
For more information, click. (
Before I forgot, Kanuka won the Sun Run Women\'s Championship in 1987, 1988 and 1989, the last time at 28:44.
She is now the coach and motivational master of SportMedBC. )
When I was in Surrey\'s New Year\'s Day competition, Ellis joked that I would sneak in under the radar of elite runners.
\"You will be the biggest unknown.
Ellis said the tongue was firmly on the cheek.
Well, it didn\'t happen, but an interesting thing happened when the ocean track and field club later released the official results --
This is the entertainment time of January. 1 races!
And the first 2018 road race will be held.
The \"cold Chase\" is the launch of the \"Try event\" 2018 race series, which is held in Vancouver, including a half marathon, 15 K, 10K and 5 K.
All participants also have some cool medals and socks.
To learn more, or to enter, click on the venue for MEC to be the mud basin Harbour Park, starting at 8: 45, 10 k. m.
, Followed by 5k at 9. m.
It\'s a new era.
I took part in this project last year and was surprised when more than 700 runners showed up.
This is a lot of people for a fun run early in the season!
For more information about this year\'s event, click.
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