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redefining the \'real\' miami night life experience

by:Marslite     2019-10-14
The cool sea breeze reduces the humidity of the day.
Wear hot pink sequins and acidic yellow clothes on the sidewalk.
A Thursday near South Beach, Miami, is about midnight and it\'s just beginning at night.
I spent a few days in town in February, determined to have a \"real\" Miami nightlife experience --
What does this mean.
The club is closer than the club in Los Angeles. A.
Or Las Vegas, some bars have only one DJ and a small box with light and white wine --like room.
I was pleasantly surprised to find that the new bar specializes in handmade cocktails and was proud that no one was screening the crowd at the door.
There are so many choices that none of them can have a \"scene\" and everyone has something depending on your mood and the person you want to meet.
Neon lights, vodka sodas and tired eardrum are all blurred.
Here\'s an overview of the weekend nightclub blitz: SLVibe: It\'s a climaxenergy, ultra-
A small piece of New York City within the James Royal Palms Hotel.
The cocktail waiter in elegant underwear weaves a rich drink on the dance floor, and the lights rotate with the music, illuminating the corner of the room for a few seconds at a time.
People swim on the sinking dance floor, while the surrounding observers lean over and shake their heads.
Overhearing: aggressive dance
Induced electrons.
Crowd: newly opened, but already a hot spot for locals, international tourists and New York tourists.
All kinds of Wells
Young men in casual pants and girls in cocktail dresses rub their elbows with dancing queens in Minis.
Highlights: Raised wall panel covered by X
Broken Ray film, if you look up, you can see your reflection on the golden mirror ceiling.
Conclusion: This is an intimate club with all the necessities and a great choice for larger venues.
Good for special occasions, or wipe off your dance shoes and release them.
Message: 1545 Collins Avenue. ; (786)224-7201, .
Open at 11 in the eveningm. -4 a. m. Drinks $14-$20.
Broken ShakerVibe: unique boho.
The outdoor space is full of mixingand-
With lawn furniture, table tennis, pool and tiki bar.
There is also a small indoor bar wallpaper in pink and gray.
Overheard: a mix of Pink Floyd and 70-year-old rock and modern tracks.
Crowd: men in shorts and flip covers
Flip flops wait to order a drink next to the girl in a sequin dress or shorts and high heels.
The international crowd often strolls down from the guest house upstairs;
French, Spanish, Russian and Italian are available.
Highlights: its vanilla garden provides ingredients for over 100 homemade syrup used in cocktails.
Bartenders Giu and Virginia at the back of the bar shook drinks as the voodoo skull looked over their shoulders.
Conclusion: If you want a nice cocktail and don\'t want to go to the pub, the place is mellow but still stylish.
Information: 2727 Indian Creek Avenue; (305)531-
2727, Broken Head boat. com.
Miami Freehand Hostel. Open 5 p. m. -2 a. m. weekdays, 2 p. m. -2 a. m. weekends.
$11 specialty drinks.
Storyline: you need to know someone to get in.
Bodyguards randomly pick people out of the crowd and don\'t show girls like girls more than men.
We arrived at about 1. m.
We stayed here for 45 minutes before we gave up going somewhere else.
Overheard: people swear they will never come back, those who believe they can go in as long as they can talk to the doorman.
Crowd: countless young girls, very long manicure, very short skirt, 4-
Inches of high heels and men wearing a collar shirt spilled from the rover onto the sidewalk.
Highlights: Famous dj lineups such as Calvin Harris and cascaid.
Summary: Go early and make sure you\'re on the list.
It has that big Vegas feel, and it could be a fun night if you go in.
Message: 136 Collins Avenue. ; (305)479-4426, . Open 11 p. m. to 5 a. m.
Friday and Saturday
The price of drinks varies.
Rec RoomVibe: palm trees, round stalls, DJ surrounded by vinyl records, old-
The Ice House lunch box at the school, Joan Jette\'s \"bad fame\" album and the old-fashioned wrest hand statue make you feel like a friend in a friend\'s basement for a family party.
Overheard: \"I promise you I will\" by Depeche Mode and \"Bette Davis Eyes\" by Kim carnes \".
\"Crowd: the girl in a floral dress lifts her head full of drinks and dances in her seat; guys sat cross-
Legged the legs of the drink in the corner;
A group of partners in the middle sang with each song.
Highlights: attention to decor: you can\'t help but feel a little groovy when you are shipped to another time.
Summary: This place, at the Gaelic hotel, has a real character and deserves a customer who wants something more than a normal night out.
Message: 1690 Collins Avenue. ; (786)975-2599, . Open from 11 p. m.
Tuesday and Thursday-Saturdays.
Specialty drinks $12-$16.
FDRVibe: Vegas Boulevard-Miami style —
Hotel in Delano.
The low layered chandelier makes it upscale and the brown leather seat makes it comfortable and private.
You are in a dark underground space, music is playing, and the sun may rise when you finally get out of the house.
Overheard: classic club songs and top 40 hits.
Crowd: A diverse mix
Look for something different.
Older men in white shirts enjoy their beautiful cocktail servers and their bottle service, young children dance in droves, and stragglers sit at the bar to watch the show.
Highlights: The bar has real stools and is a real place to sit down and have a drink, not a place to stand and squeeze in front of the bartender.
Summary: A huge
Club feeling without large venues.
Nice, hard wine, good music and good crowd.
Message: 1685 Collins Avenue. ; (305)924-4071, . Open 11 p. m. -5 a. m.
Monday, Friday and Saturday. Drinks $15-20.
Regent Cocktail Club atmosphere: old-
The school lounge, also at the Gaelic Hotel, where you should sit at the luxurious leather booth and have a cocktail.
The music is low and it\'s easy to talk to people next to you and even across the table.
Tuxes bartenders make drinks behind dark woodpaneled bar.
I hope to see Frank Sinatra in the corner.
Overheard: live bands play soothing tunes.
Crowd: People of all ages: some have a quick drink before going out at night;
Others, older and more casual to wear, use vintage bars as their ultimate destination for the evening.
Highlights: well
Classic cocktails.
Summary: This is ideal if you want to enjoy cocktails and good company.
Message: 1690 Collins Avenue. ; (786)975-2599, . Open daily 7 p. m. to 2 a. m.
Specialty drinks $12-$16.
WallVibe: The Doorman gave you an expected difficult period and asked if you would buy a bottle before he let you in.
Disco and neon-
The trimmed booth sends out the rainbow shaft
There are colored lights around the room.
At the W Hotel this place you will use all your senses.
Overheard: Severe Headbobbing, body-
Dance music.
Crowd: kids going to college
Twenty-year-olds in tennis shoes, hats and jeans.
Highlights: people-
And two rooms.
You can have a drink in the front room. watch;
The real Club happened behind the larger room.
Summary: If you want to experience a classic nightclub before the early hours of the morning, go to this place.
Gather a group and splurge on the bottle to make sure there is a place to rest on your feet.
Message: 2201 Collins Avenue. ; (305)938-3130, . Open 11p. m. -4 a. m. Tuesdays-Saturdays.
The price of drinks varies. jenn. harris@latimes.
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