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reading something into it

by:Marslite     2019-09-25
Ten years ago, an audience of South Coast\'s repertoire, while listening to the performance of Donald marguls\'s new drama heartbreaking, experienced the most painful time and in the subsequent
But two of the more than a dozen plays played well.
Margulies kept these, threw away the rest, and re-made \"heartbreaking people\" into \"invisible sight,\" which, two years later, held its global premiere at SCR,
At 1995, Richard Greenberg
Veteran playwrights from New York brought his new drama, rain for three days, to the SCR for public reading, though he was very worried.
\"I think the script is in very bad shape,\" Greenberg recalls . \" But he said the audience liked it.
\"I found it amazing, but it was helpful and even uplifting.
\"It brought me back to the field with confidence and enthusiasm. [The audience]
I think it\'s in front of me, \"Greenberg said.
\"They were able to gain insight into what was done wrong in essentially the right thing.
Greenberg\'s script held a global premiere at the University of California, Los Angeles in 1997 and was shortlisted for the Pulitzer Prize the following year.
This year, another play by Margaret Edson, wit, won the Pulitzer Theatre Award, which was originally produced at SCR and read there for the first time.
The writer laid the hell of BarePlaywriting, and it looks like it is facing an audience who has not even finished the work and started to dissect the work.
Naked and still need to be modified, there is no scene, costume, stage lights or actors who understand the lines with their heart.
In the last speech, the author may be a writer who does not like to be a center of concern and is directed to a bare stage, compete fiercely with the first thing to enter the paid public mind.
Last Monday night, when a series of new scripts started reading, nothing hell happened, but it looked like purgatory for a while, playwright Stuart Spencer and director Olivia horneg sit side by side on the stage and listen to the comments of the audience who just saw the four actors when they read Spencer\'s new play \"in the western garden, only Street costumes and scripts supported on the music stand.
\"Honig sat there, her body twisted from the perspective of about 300 viewers, many of whom were avid viewers who participated in all the regular plays of the SCR. Spencer, close-
Dressed in the worker\'s clothes cut, holding the clipboard, his body is square to the crowd, posing as armor-
Sitting in a seat is equivalent to a football ball in the back, ready for the Blitz.
According to the basic rules announced by SCR\'s literary manager, host John Glore, the audience will speak out their ideas and praise or criticize them in the way they see fit.
The only limit is that they have to react only to what is being presented, rather than trying to rewrite it on the spot.
The playwright and the director will accept everything and say nothing.
The consensus is that \"in the western garden\" is pleasant but not entirely clear.
The main objection of the audience is that the three parts of the play describe different characters at different times and places
Form a unified whole.
As the discussion continued, it became clear that the theme of the play had returned to its home about the characters of art and how it had changed during the time of the day at the time of the day when it was in the days of the day, he created a crisp figure in Act 1 and modern, represented by fictional American modernist painters and post-modern installations --The makers of the second act.
Spencer and horneg began to smile and relax.
When a person, apparently not an artist himself, talks emotionally about how the show reflects the wrong choices in his own life, their smiles become more brilliant, A woman praised the \"poetry\" and drama merits of the work, which were a bit elusive, rather than putting everything out for instant absorption.
The subtitle for this part of the NewSCRipts series is clearly \"everything is good and the ending is good.
\"Writers can hear the correct, wrong reading of the audience\'s response may make the playwright uncomfortable, but in Orange County those involved in leading the new play say, this is a crucial step in the process.
This is true not only in SCR, where playwrights often have a national reputation, but also on the grass
Roots theater, writers often taste how their words sound for the first time, and how they affect people when they spread out from the page.
Writing a script is a brave act.
To be a playwright, you must show courage, \"said Eric eberwin, director of the Orange County playwrights Union, one of several local groups dedicated to cultivating new dramas and taking advantage of audience Review\'s stage reading as a tool to improve new ones.
\"I sometimes have very positive feedback and very negative feedback, but you have to be willing to hear it,\" Eberwein added . \".
\"The audience doesn\'t know everything, but you can definitely tell the effect of the show.
\"A few days after reading\" Western Garden \",\" director horneg, who lives in Los Angeles, said in a telephone interview that the comments were more comforting than the pain.
\"This is exactly what we want,\" said horneg . \"
\"What else can you ask for from reading than people become so enthusiastic?
In my opinion, art is not meant to please or placate.
I am very happy because people are thinking.
I feel truly responsible for certain choices. As director]. It was fun.
\"Spencer, who is a New Yorker, can\'t be reached for a holiday in Europe after watching it.
But Hollinger said Spencer
E-mailed her that he was satisfied with reading and discussing.
\"The problem that came up was the problem we had during our two-day rehearsal,\" said horneg.
While hosting the new script meeting, Glore alternate with the SCR dramaturge Jerry Patch, saying that since the series began in 1985, some of the most well-received works of the SCR have benefited from the reading process-
In some cases, because they are instant clicks, in others, because they fail.
Prior to the Western Garden, the series read a total of 70 plays;
31 continue to complete production in SCR, and another 24 have already been staged elsewhere ---
The average total number of hits is close to 80%.
Constructive, not disruptive eglore said that the basic rules at the SCR feedback meeting and the guidance of the moderator prevented the controversial scenes he saw in his reading elsewhere.
They can easily become free. for-
The audience went through the playwright and told him how he should revise his script, \"Glore said.
\"There\'s an element that wants to be noticed ---
Intellectuals will still
Become a playwright who wants everyone to know how smart they are.
Greenberg, who has already read his four plays in the SCR public, said he stood behind the theater, marking the audience\'s reaction in the reading process.
\"When you find out if you\'re talking to yourself,\" he says, \"or you\'re talking to someone.
\"But when it came to the feedback session, the audience didn\'t talk to him.
Greenberg left the building and preferred to take a walk or drink at the nearby Westin South Coast square.
He later received a report on the meeting from the SCR staff.
Endure the \"round-
As a student at the Yale School of Drama, his work, table assassination, taught Greenberg in three years, and if he didn\'t have to, he didn\'t have makeup to face his critics, the performance of the playwright on the stage is optional.
\"I want to write my script, not the one everyone votes for,\" he said . \".
\"It\'s not because of individualism, it\'s because if there\'s any benefit to the drama, then there\'s a firm chief intelligence officer, usually, game rights will become less determined because of a series of views and opinions.
This can be very dangerous. \"Less-
Veteran playwrights seem to be most vulnerable to Greenberg\'s concerns about the improper influence of the audience.
But Christopher Trela, founder and chairman of the new voice playwrights seminar, the group\'s readings at the Costa Mesa Civic Theatre show that the audience\'s interest in nurturing new works is greater than a blow to the budding playwrights self.
\"It\'s a bit scary, but most viewers support it,\" he said . \".
\"Instead of taking it apart, they\'re trying to help you understand what works and what doesn\'t.
Trela said feedback from the audience at the first full reading
The length drama bang encourages him to have more authority over his work: \"I have characters who cite works such as Shakespeare, and they tell me, \'Trust your own voice, believe in your own writing
\"The latest grass in the county --
Berplaywright group Berubians will also start regular public reading in downtown Santa Ana.
The group will adopt a less formal form of feedback, followed by an adjournment to rest and allow the audience to have separate access to the playwright.
Chris bellubu, the organization\'s artistic director, believes that the audience was forced to present their opinions at a formal public opinion conference and hopes that a relaxed atmosphere would bring \"more useful feedback \".
\"For the audience, after the end of the evening\'s featured drama, the feedback will provide more drama and lighting fun.
\"I like these more [fully produced]
\"Sometimes,\" said SCR I de reinal, who left the theater after watching it at Spencer Theater. \"It\'s a two-for-
Because what you got from the audience.
\"E-may contact Mike Bohmmail at Mike. Boehm@latimes . com(
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Stage Reading: There are many new script series for choosing South Coast repertoire. Dec. 6, Jan. 31, April 24. $8.
More new plays will be read during the annual Pacific Playwrights Festival in June at SCR.
655 Central Avenue, Costa Mesa Town. Information: (714)708-5555.
Orange County playwright Union.
Saturday afternoon, a two-month reading at the Pioneer Theater in 699A.
State University Avenue, Fullerton. $5. (714)526-8007.
Workshop on new sound playwrights.
Monthly graded readings on Sunday night (dates vary)
Located in Costa Mesa Civic Theatre, 661 Hamilton Street. $5. (949)650-5269.
New voice information line :(949)225-4125.
Orange County playwrights league and new voice Playwrights Workshop will hold a joint program on Halloween public readingthemed 10-
Minutes play on October. 23 at 2 p. m.
At Pioneer Theater, October. 24 at 7:30 p. m.
At the Costa Mesa civic theater.
Stage 2 theater
Home of the new playwright group Berubians.
On Friday and Saturday, October, the night of the comedy sketch meets the belubi. 22-Nov. 13. 8 p. m.
Chris B.
The question of faith will be read by candidates on Sunday, December. 2122-C N. Grand Ave. , Santa Ana. (714)545-3852.
Other theaters that hold stage performances include the stage, 400 E.
Commonwealth Avenue, Fullerton. (714)525-
4484, another play theater
Santa Ana Broadway(714)836-7929.
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