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radiohead toronto show canceled after fatal stage collapse

by:Marslite     2019-10-04
TORONTO (Reuters)-
A concert by the British rock band radio head was canceled after the roof of the outdoor stage collapsed during a sound check and rehearsal before Saturday\'s performance, one person died and three were injured, police and fire officials said.
Police said Radiohead was not on stage at the time, and a spokeswoman for the band confirmed that no member of the group was injured in an accident around 4 p. m.
Local time at Downsview Park, about 5 miles north of downtown Toronto.
According to the website of Canadian musician Dan Snaith, who performed in the name of Caribou, he will be open for radio head on Saturday, however, when the accident occurred, whether he was near the stage was not immediately heard.
Sales representative-
The promotion company of the concert, the living country, declined to comment.
Downsview Park officials did not comment on the incident, only to confirm that the radio head concert was canceled as a result.
Toronto police spokesman Sergeant Tim berrose told Reuters that when the stage was replaced, about 20 people were rehearsing and checking the sound in the immediate vicinity of the stage.
A statement released by police on Twitter said a man in his 30 s was declared dead at the scene and a 45-year-old manyear-
An old man was taken to a local hospital. life-
Possible head injury
The report said that two other men were treated at the scene because of their minor injuries.
Investigators are still unsure what caused the accident, Burrows said, and the Ontario Department of Labor and Toronto police are investigating it.
\"The roof part of the stage collapsed,\" Toronto Fire spokesman Captain Mike Strapko told Reuters . \".
\"It\'s like an arch made of circular pipes, similar to the use of scaffolding,\" he said . \" The structure is equipped with lighting and other equipment, he added.
\"So, that\'s what came down and did crush a man.
Laura Eldeiry, a band spokesman, said Toronto was the last leg of the radiowhead North American tour.
Live Photos posted on social media sites show a large twisted metal scaffold on the stage that collapsed in the middle of the concert platform.
Radiohead, another rock group led by singer Thom Yorke, is known for popular songs such as crawl and Paranoid Android, and plans to tour Europe this summer.
Their 1997 album, OK Computer, established the band as one of the top music shows in a decade.
The group has launched 2007 \"rainbow\" series, the band\'s ambitious first release in the form of digital downloads, while allowing customers to set their own prices for it.
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