qld premier says he didn\'t lose his cool

by:Marslite     2019-09-21
When the deputy head of the Federal Union, Warren Treas, joked about his administration, Prime Minister Campbell Newman played down reports that he left the dinner in anger.
Mr. Teras joked at the Liberal Party national party in Brisbane that voters were positive about the coalition\'s mood, \"unless it was the day after Prime Minister Campbell Newman closed the hospital \".
The comment reportedly angered the Prime Minister, who left the dinner early.
Newman denied that he had left because of the excavation, but admitted that he was worried that Teras would be misled.
The only cuts in Queensland\'s health sector came from the federal government, he said.
\"I am afraid that Mr Terras is repeating a lie,\" he said . \".
\"I want him to change his life.
He understands now.
Energy Minister Mark maddle said that Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, not Newman, needs to be on the lookout for Mr.
\"This is unnecessary, this is unnecessary,\" he said . \".
\"There is no doubt that Campbell Newman has added a lot to the alliance\'s chances in Canberra.
\"I know that most federal MPs and candidates support what Campbell Newman is doing in this state.
Minister of Education John-
At the dinner party, Paul longbloke said that Mr. Teras\'s comments were made at a relaxed time.
Had a pleasant conversation with Opposition Leader Tony Abbott.
\"I think these comments should be in that spirit,\" he said . \".
Natural Resources Minister Andrew Kripps agreed that the comment was not malicious.
Opposition Bill Byrne said Newman\'s handling of the incident had a big impact on him.
\"I know he left the ship before the dessert was served, which shows another kind of hissing sound on his emotions and an overreaction to the incident,\" he said . \".
\"We all know that the prime minister is leading with his chin and proves again that he has a glass chin.
Teras declined to comment.
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