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pulse djs recall how joyful beats gave way to massacre gunfire

by:Marslite     2019-10-12
As reggaeton beats spread from the DJ booth to the main floor of Pulse, hundreds of clapping hands are taking their best work to the dance floor.
The revellers swayed with music, which originated in the ballroom of Jamaica, the soca of Trinidad and the Spanish reggae of Panama. At about 2 a. m.
Dj Simone 1 and unlimited as the closing time approaches
Working on main floor and patio
I want to pull the crowd down from the height it reached earlier in the evening. A third DJ —
Seamless, real name is Kraig DoNews-
Worked that night in another room at the club.
He said he did not want to be interviewed by the article due to the trauma he suffered.
Someone smokes in the yard.
Others say goodbye as they prepare to leave, embrace and sip the last remnants of the cocktail.
\"Everything is normal,\" Infinite said in an interview on Friday. his real name is Ray Rivera.
\"It was a normal night.
Because the last call was at 2: 25, people were getting their last drink.
Everyone shuddered.
Everything changed at 2: 05.
Early Sunday morning, a gunman stormed the door of a popular gay nightclub in the city considered the capital of the world\'s theme park, \"The life of the disc jockey is reversed.
When Rivera plays traditional reggae music on the terrace, his real name is Simeon Alberto Roman Barria, at another booth in the main ballroom.
The gunman, who was later identified as Omar Mattin, started his shooting atrocities, and each DJ turned down the volume to try to figure out what was going on.
Rivera said he was only 4 feet away from the club\'s main exit on the terrace, but he helped people leave before he escaped.
Roman\'s experience was different: he found himself forced into a desperate situation.
His DJ booth is 8 to 10 feet above the dance floor, and the ladder can only be reached in a small room visible behind the bar.
Behind the booth is the manager\'s office and there is a room for storage.
\"Once I hear the gunshots, I lower the volume and lean over,\" Roman said in an interview at Rivera\'s house . \".
After that, he said: \"I crawled behind the amp in another room.
I was there for three hours.
Roman said he met the club\'s lighting technicians in the attic area;
When they were looking for shelter, the third person joined them and he was hit in the arm but managed to climb the ladder to ensure relative safety.
Roman said the three men crowded together to try to text and make phone calls on phones belonging to the injured man who did not want to be named.
A few seconds later, the injured man got up and came to the small storage room, where five or six others managed to get to the manager\'s office and hide it.
On the terrace separated from the main floor of the club, the participants poured out while trying to escape.
\"At first, when the first round started, everyone on the terrace stood there for a second --
Then more rounds are over and then more. \"Said Rivera.
\"Then there were people all over the place, running out, climbing over the patio fence, jumping over each other, just trying to get out.
Rivera said he watched with horror the scene of a brief shootout between the first police and the Gunners, who were killed by Mateen\'s half gun before the police retreated and reassembled. Automatic Rifle.
\"Within a minute, there was a group of police everywhere,\" he said . \".
Mateen emptied his magazine ammo, reloaded, emptied, loaded-
Roman said, over and over again.
\"I heard him laugh,\" said Roman, 30.
\"I heard him change the magazine and threw it down after I finished it; it was so fast.
He knows what he\'s doing.
Then, lighttech said to me, \'This guy knows what he\'s doing, \'and at that moment, I knew my life was really dangerous.
Roman said he heard hundreds of bullets.
\"It never stopped,\" he said . \"
Roman, who had two sons, tried to call his wife and got on the phone.
But like him, Mateen found several people hiding in a room where three people were crowded together and opened fire on them.
Roman and Rivera say people can hear moaning and calling for help when ruthless gunmen shoot again.
Rivera, 42, is the father of five children and the grandfather of three children. he said, \"If you don\'t die, he will kill you . \".
While Roman was hiding inside, Rivera was shuttled a few blocks away by the police, where he was asked to fill out the witness form.
He did not finish it until 7. m.
5 points for Romanm.
Things have finally changed.
He said a special police force rushed into the club, shot at Mateen and checked the club.
At first, the police called the DJ booth area where Roman was hiding and thought it was clear.
He and others had to declare themselves.
When they got up and down the ladder, the first thing Roman recalled was that blood was everywhere.
He recalled that it looked like a \"Halloween horror\" scene with the club\'s colorful ceiling lights still spinning on the floor where dozens of people died.
\"I tried to walk around with the body --
\"The eyes are bulging and the body is distorted,\" he said . \".
\"There are more people on the ground than you can walk, and there is thick blood in the place where there is no body.
Rivera said that since then, he has been waking up every morning for the idea of the Holocaust.
Rome wants to know if there is anything that can be done differently.
\"Can I do better that day? ” he said.
\"But in the end --
We have no way.
We have no way.
It plays back in my mind, though.
\"The DJ equipment of the two men is still in the club, part of the crime scene.
Roman was allowed to retrieve his car from the pulse parking lot on Wednesday.
Rivera got it on Friday.
Both of them have daytime work, but they have taken the time to try to digest what is going on.
They want to go back to work as a DJ, but they don\'t want.
\"We have a habit of our music and it takes a little time for us to get back to our mood,\" Roman said . \".
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