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portable stage - escenario portatil

by:Marslite     2019-09-24
I need a demo stage with the following features: * lightweight.
* Quickly and easily assembled by one or two people. * Economic. * Easy to store.
* Small parts such as screws or bolts must not be lost.
Searching online, I found that the products sold by this website are very similar to what I want, after seeing the photos and videos, I decided to try something similar, I hope not to infringe any patents and
I need 2 stages in my case. 44 x 4. 88 x 0. 6 meters (4 \'x 8\' x 2 \').
It\'s actually two square modules. 44 x 2. 44 x 0. 6 meters (4 \'x 4\' x 2 \')
So these instructions are based on a module that you can either copy as needed or change the height.
Materials: 5 14mm (9/16 \")plywood-
2 pieces of structured 19mm (3/4 \")plywood -
It is very convenient for some places to sell three-story buildings that offer cutting services, as we need to cut all the sheets of 14mm (9/16 \")
In half of the longest direction, the end must be 10 of 0. 6x2 0. 44 meters (2 \'x 4\')
With regard to this type of cut-out, a table saw and a good guide can make sure that all parts are the same size more precisely. The 19mm (3/4 \")
Plywood should not be cut. Español.
The United Nations escanario neccesitaba presentaci ón para una con las siguentescaricísticas: * Liviano.
* Amar prouner of the duos character. *Económico.
* Almasena.
* Fairy piezas pequeñas tornillos komoø pernos que se puedan perder.
Buscando en internet encontre esta égina página que vende United Nations products, luego de ver las fotos y el video decidíentarhacer
Enmei escanario neccesitaba un caso de Chun. 44 x 4. 88 x 0. 6 metros (4\' x 8\' x 2\').
The son, Dos mordolo Dorado de 2. 44 x 2. 44 x 0. 6 metros (4\' x 4\' x 2\')
Asi que en estas GmbH uccionesestánbasadas month mold, ustedes pueden replicarlo segúnsus necesidades, tambi é npueden variar la altura.
Material: three layers (5 layers)
Madeira contrachapada)de 14mm (9/16\")-
Three cylinders of Para la estructural A2 blade (
Madeira contrachapada)de 19mm (3/4\")-
Para la plataformaEn algunos lugares venden donde el three-cylinder prestan lo cual el servicio de Corte conveniente ya que es muy neccesitamos cortar Toda Las Vegas blade de 14mm (9/16\")
The final Debon Quetta 10 laminas de 0. 6x2. 44 metros (2\' x 4\')
Abbie Damante, son of Esther Tibo de Cortes, más Presse Como tamanio.
De 19mm El triplex (3/4\")
Can\'t call lo debe cortarEnglish.
First of all, you have to cut off the 14mm sheets (9/16 \")
Half plywood so they are 0. 61x2. 44 mts (2 \'x 8\')
As shown in the figure.
Personally I am more biased towards cm as it is more accurate, next to an equivalent, making a position like the one in the picture: location INCHESPOSICION CMS19 PULGADAS 3/5 24. 4228 4/5 73. 2348122. 0467 1/5 170. 8586 2/5 219.
Then mark the midpoint on each line.
Floor 3, 14mm, La laminas de (Lo primero que debe hacer es medir y cortar las laminas de)9/16\")
The first queden month. 61x2. 44 mts (2\' x 8\')
Imagse ve en la imagen.
Mien Caso prefiero trabajar con centimetros ya que es mas Pero preciso a continuuaci ón publico Tabra day una equivalencia, hacer una linea como En la imagen image quality posiciones En las Vegas siguientes: locate inch posicion pulgadas CMS1 93/5 24.
42 284/5 73.
23 48 122
04 671/5 170
85 862/5 219
6 Luego sobre cada linea marcar el punto medioEnglish.
Use a drill bit of the same size as the plywood you are using, 14mm in this case (9/16 \")
As shown in the figure, drill holes at the center point of each line. Español.
14mm Esther Caso, Esther Caso (9/16 \")
Dese un hueco en el punto Central de cada linea como se ve en la foto. English.
Then draw the cutting line, in which case the spacing between these lines should be equal to 14mm of the width of the material (9/16\")Español.
Luego trace las lineas No. cortar, la separaci ón entré estas de Bebe ser igual del anjod material, Ernst caso 14mm (9/16\")English.
Cut with a circular saw to reach the previous drilling and then complete with a clamp saw.
The proof material fits tightly but does not force it to be easy to assemble. Español.
Cortcon la sierra round flashes llegar people Vico que perforópreviamente, con la caladora termine luego de hacer el Corte quede para que lo mejor posible.
Pruebe pero que el material encaje prepares for the preparation of ajustada sinforzarlopara facilitar el armado \". English.
Assemble the parts as shown in the figure and place two 18mm plywood sheets on top, paint and enjoy.
Original assembly video.
Ensamble Duras piezas en la imagen image quality Momo se ve color blade de three cylinder de las dos 18mm encima, Pinte y a disfrutar.
In the space of 3 1/2 \'X 8\', you can store 2 sets of original English videos.
1 m x 2 esparini Orun.
44 finish by MUPD almasena dos esennarios.
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