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: pixies at the powerstation

by:Marslite     2019-10-10
Saying that Pixies\'s first live performance in New Zealand is highly anticipated is an understatement, similar to saying that all blacks are very keen to win the Rugby World Cup again one day.
How to expect?
A few months ago, the concert at the Vector Arena sold out tonight, and the bonus show at the power station last night sold out in less than 60 seconds at a lucky price of around 1200. For a four-
The American University band from Boston has not released albums since 1991, not only to maintain their fan base,, letting it grow exponentially over the years means a lot to power and emotional scope (and rage)of their music.
But is the legend of pixels based on matter?
Can the band come back?
With an anniversary tour about 20 years ago, their most successful album, dollitle, was filled with a pious atmosphere?
The door opened quickly at eight o\'clock P. M. and the venue filled quickly.
This is the same without an opening performance.
The audience tonight is a greedy beast that wants it to be full of pixels.
The band walked down on the stage at nine o\'clock P. M. and was warmly welcomed.
The myth is no longer that pixel is a real band and they come to play. \"Some B-
\"On both sides,\" announced bassist Kim Deal, before the band began in the dullitle era, ripping four obscure tracks;
Dancing at my school, strangely, Bailey walks, manta ray.
Although the songs were very popular, the audience did not breathe a sigh of relief until the opening bar of debasserrue.
\"Okay, now the needle is down,\" said the deal, followed by a 40.
From one side of the track to the end, the du litle album ran for five minutes
It is magnificent.
We experience Frank Black\'s famous original scream on Tame, experience anthemic guitar blur in the cutting wave, at off-
Your people are here to pop music in the country of Kirt, and the evil wrath of Gouge.
When Du Litle is finished, the band player is slow and the streamlined version of the wave front Mutiliation is finally deformed to feed B-
One side, white.
Play album tracks, of course-for-
The track is a bit like a spoon feed and sometimes feels like a huge pixel karaoke (
Songs like Hey monkey go to heaven
Many people in the audience are younger than the albums they come to listen to, but each track is warmly welcomed like an old friend and everyone has a good time.
The slight rhythm and vocal changes add freshness to the songs and the intensity and originality of playing them prevents the whole thing from getting bad
Suggest nostalgia festival.
The effect of the fancy lighting stage has no effect (
Saved a smoke machine)
It\'s very exciting to know that this is as close and low-key as the band in 2010.
\"We also know those songs that are not on the record,\" announced the deal back to get plenty of material from surfers Rosa/come pilgrims. (
There\'s only one song, a storm
The quality is played from their 1990 output. )
It\'s bassist\'s deal tonight, and Frank Black is a silent man when he doesn\'t sing
In fact not, though he seems to really enjoy the rapture response of the crowd with a satisfied smile.
Bone Machine, reindeer, huge crowd, where is my heart?
Proved the popularity and special ending of an unforgettable concert.
The beast is full and satisfied.
Enjoy tonight\'s show, the live New Zealand premiere of Pixies is an event worth waiting.
Playlist: Dancing in my school, Bailey walks, the wave of cut that manta ray Debaser taming. I\'m bleeding. Your man is dead, the monkey is in heaven and my gun is gone, hey, the silver Gouge is gone. British surf edition)
The son of encata Nimrod, U-
Huge Bone Machine Vamos Caribou where is my idea?
Note: Thanks to Abbey Road Live\'s touring Technology, a Special 2CD episode of a 1 hour 40 minute concert is available 20 minutes after the end of the power station show.
These discs are of high quality and are used to ensure the accuracy of the above list of songs.
Tonight\'s Vector Arena show will buy a similar CD for 30 NZ dollars.
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