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pilot and infant killed as cargo plane slams into house near bwi

by:Marslite     2020-01-09
Minutes from Baltimore.
Washington International Airport this morning
The National Police said an engine freighter crashed into a house here and exploded into flames, killing the pilot and a baby trapped in the house.
Six family members living at 205 Longwood Road.
Witnesses and the National Police said the house escaped when it broke out into a \"huge fire Square.
The National Police said seven-month-old Paul Liang, the younger sons of Janice and Ralph Liang were killed inside.
\"An explosion like 500.
Ton bomb, I ran outside and saw this fireball like a blast furnace, \"said Little Earl hose.
She is a neighbor to the northern community of Anne Arundel County.
\"The fire is very big and you can feel the heat in the street.
I don\'t know how those people came out all my life.
The hose said: \"Ralph Liang turned and ran back to the house, but was repelled by the heat from the fire.
The hose said, \"he\'s crying, \'Oh God, I can\'t get the baby. \'.
Beechcraft\'s 18S pilot, 50-year-old Benjamin Samuel Vitalini, from Le Roy, NY. Y.
Shortly after taking off from BWI at around 7: 15 a. m. , a fire report was issued. m.
On the way to the Royal front of the VA. , the FAA said.
According to the aircraft owner center airlines, in the transportation of goods under the joint parcel service
In rezville, Pa.
About six minutes later, the plane crashed less than two miles east of BWI Airport, near Highway 3 and Baltimore-
State Department public safety spokesman Annapolis said.
Gregory Shipley
Relatives said the surviving family was awake and was wearing clothes when the accident occurred.
Shipley said Vitalini\'s body was found in the wreckage of the house, still tied to the cockpit.
About three hours later, the child\'s body was found in the front of a pile of blackened ruins, where there was a lonely corner, all that was left in that brick house.
Police said there was minor damage to both sides of the house.
\"It\'s just a huge square where the flames leap into the woods,\" Shipley said . \".
\"It is a miracle that people can go out. It is a miracle that it does not spread.
\"The plane was smothered over the Cromwell Stadium Mall in Baltimore --
Witnesses and the National Police said that Annapolis Avenue had cut off a floodlight on the roof of a large supermarket, cut off the top of the tree, and then hit the back of the beam house and exploded.
Phil Farney, the head of a trucking company, who was on a business trip a few blocks before the plane crashed, said he saw flames in the cockpit of the plane passing overhead.
Farney, 23, said he could not hear the engine noise from the plane.
He said that when the plane disappeared behind a stand tree, he drove to chase it, and when the plane landed, he heard a loud noise.
Farney said he came to Longwood Road and found members of the Liang family standing in their yard surrounded by neighbors.
Janice Beam, 31, apparently didn\'t realize that her four children were safe and she screamed, \"My kids are in there!
My baby is in there! \" Farney said.
\"One of my neighbors and I were ready to go in, but we were just driven back by the heat and smoke.
It\'s too fierce.
Witnesses and the national police say Ralph Liang, 33, managed to pull his wife and Dana, 5, and Benjamin, 2, out of the house.
Two other children, Ralph IV, 9, and Joshua, 7, ran out of the House, the family said.
A hospital spokesman said the family members were taken to the North Arundel Hospital in Glen Bernie, where they were treated for minor injuries and released about four hours after the accident.
A hospital spokesman said Janice Beam was treated for shoulder injuries and Ralph Beam for minor burns on his hands and 1 feet.
The spokesman said two of the children were not injured and two others had minor wounds and burns.
Janice Liang\'s father, John Branham, heard about the crash at about 7: 30 a. m. m.
When an employee called his Pasadena office and told him that the plane had hit a house on Longwood Road, two of themblock street.
Worried about the worst, Branham said he traveled 10 miles at a very fast speed and arrived just as the ambulance left.
\"I\'m praying, don\'t let it be their house,\" Branham said . \".
\"When I got here, my heart rose in my throat.
My feeling is that only the bodies are gone.
He said his daughter, son. in-
Luo and four of his five grandchildren are still alive. He went to the hospital in Arundel North.
There, Ralph Liang, a tractor.
Branham said the trailer driver told him that the plane had attacked the house and ran around the house looking for his wife and children.
The fire apparently started in the back corner of the House that the plane hit, and then quickly spread into the house, where firefighters and relatives said Ralph Liang was moving too fast, unable to get to the front room where the youngest child is located. Thirty-
Police said four firefighters and 17 pieces of equipment from the fire department in Anne Arundel County controlled the fire.
\"He had to pull down a bunch of blocks from Janis and he could find the other two kids, but he couldn\'t find the kids,\" Branham said . \".
After learning that the baby was trapped in the rubble, Branham said he returned to the scene.
Yesterday he stood with a small camera for a few minutes, leaning against a stake next to him --
The door neighbor\'s backyard, when he watched the firemen pass through the smoldering piles of burnt wood and bricks, he held back tears.
Like dirty snow, the fire foam spreads on the grass under the fence and on his shoes.
\"A lot of bad things have happened in my life,\" Branham said . \".
\"But I think this is the worst case.
\"Liang Jia bought a medium score-
Relatives said the house was still at a level less than a year ago.
Janice Liang takes full care of the children
Ralph Liang working hours for Mac truck
In Severn, says Branham.
Similar brick and slag from nearby residents-
Block homes says they often complain to airport authorities
Private plane flying and noise.
\"Aiport is expanding and there are more flights overhead every day,\" said Bonnie Thurston, a resident of Longwood Road . \".
\"It\'s only a matter of time before we all worry about this happening.
\"According to the FAA, Vitalini was rated as a commercial aircraft and aircraft mechanic.
The FAA says Vitalini has no history of accidents, problems or incidents.
Al Dickinson, an investigator with the National Transportation Safety Commission, said the plane was an 18th-century Beechcraft aircraft, manufactured in 1955.
It took off from the BWI\'s general aviation 15L runway, and the pilot radio almost immediately sent a signal of fire on his ship.
Dickinson said Vitalini appeared to be trying to turn left and return to the same runway before the crash.
The safety board is looking for radar data that can show the exact path of the aircraft.
\"The house came off the plane and destroyed a lot of evidence that might be useful to us,\" Dickinson said . \".
The safety board is looking for the pilot\'s log, maintenance records on the aircraft, and more information about the pilot.
The Glenn Bernie chapter of the American Red Cross is collecting donations for the family.
Staff writer Ed Brussels, Lisa Loff, Nell Henderson and Michelle L.
Norris contributed to the report.
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