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peachy keane

by:Marslite     2019-09-25
Hey, time traveler!
This article is published in 9/9/09 (3578 days ago)
Therefore, the information in it may no longer be up to date. 3-
In the next few years, glasses D may be the main product of Keane\'s concert. The piano-
The British-based pop music group is exploring 3-
Drummer Richard Hughes says technology could be the standard for concerts to strengthen the multimedia experience.
\"Music videos can be in another direction, or we can have graphics behind us while playing, it looks like they interact with you on the screen, people can be in 3-D,\" he says.
\"Imagine playing a stadium with something flying around the stadium, or a lighting device coming into the crowd.
Imagine the pictures on the stage, all of them looking at you with glasses!
Hughes and his teammates. pianist-
Tim Rice, bassist
Oaks and singer Tom.
I \'ve been thinking about the future possibilities of this technology since streaming live
Performed online from Abbey Road studio in April 2. The 23-
The band\'s MySpace page still has minutes of video on their official website.
The three got the idea of the first live broadcast ever.
D. Internet concerts after shooting videos for songs from their new album, perfect symmetry.
The production company that makes this animated short film is getting involved in the latest 3-
D technology, so together they developed ideas for live online programming.
\"One of the many cool things about joining the band is that you can work with other people with crazy ideas like music video directors and photographers.
\"You release your thoughts on them, and they have ideas,\" Hughes said . \".
\"The strange thing is that, if there is one, it reminds us of the potential for the future, not the ending.
It will definitely come back.
Hollywood is starting to get involved again.
It is thought to be the old film of ssrq50, but there are many possibilities.
Recently, bands including U2 and Jonas Brothers are in 3-
D. Hollywood returned to the game to a large extent.
Several films this year, including Up, final destination, Coraline, Monster.
Alien and My Bloody Valentine\'s Day is already in 3-
There are more plans for the next few months.
Keane\'s fans must now be content with the Internet experience --
Winnieggers will see bands that don\'t have a lot of special effects when performing at Burton camings Theatre on Wednesday (Tickets are $27. 50 and $39.
In Ticketmaster 50).
The show was part of a massive tour of the band from South Korea to Lebanon to Moscow, where Hughes was interviewed last week.
\"This is our first time here,\" he said. \"It\'s very exciting . \"
\"It turns out that we have a lot of fans here, which makes me very sad that I didn\'t play here before.
Tonight is the 110 show of the tour.
We are trying to go where we have never been.
It turns out that we are a global band.
\"Hughes has a good memory of most of the places the group has performed, but Beirut stands out in his mind, because the people he met there to overcome difficulties and years of war were resilient.
\"You went to a place like Paris, you saw the bullet holes in the buildings of World War II, you had some background and felt that the world had developed at some point;
Then in Beirut, you will see bullet holes in modern buildings built in our time, but the population, the crowd and the people who took part in the show were all great.
\"One of the most reassuring things about Beirut is that people come to visit from Syria, which is amazing.
The recent past between these countries has been bad and it feels like music is doing what it should: bringing people together.
We talked about going there to record when we left, but when we liked a city we always talked like that, \"Hughes said with a smile.
One of the cities is Berlin, where most of the perfect symmetry is recorded.
The band used to tour there, liked what they saw, and decided to immerse themselves in the culture.
In hindsight, this seems to be a well-designed metaphor for Keane\'s re-invention.
This is a city that has experienced so many changes.
\"It was razed to the ground, piled up again, divided into two halves, reassembled and restored to health,\" he said . \".
\"This is a great place;
Graffiti alone is worth a visit.
\"What Hughes is talking about is reshaping the band\'s style on the latest recording.
From long ago to mid
1990, when they were founded in East Sussex, the group relied on the piano as their main instrument and did not use the guitar, although they had run the electronic keyboard through the guitar effect pedal.
Their voice drew a lot of comparisons to cool play, and in their first two awards they won a huge fan base --
Winning the album, 2004 of hope and fear, 2006 of \"Under the Iron Sea\".
The two albums were voted against last year. 13 and No.
8, respectively, the best British album survey at all times.
In the case of perfect symmetry, the band dabbled in the SSRq80s pop, playing the guitar in Chaplin, and Jesse Quin was in charge of the bass.
Quinn is now part of the touring band.
Hughes said the new direction was not something the group sat down to discuss, but developed organically with the combination of London and Berlin songs.
\"We really used what sounded the best.
\"The spiral is built around a sliding note that you can play on the guitar but not on the keyboard,\" he said . \" He added that the band never thought of being classified into one
\"Something you do will give you a name.
We came out at the same time as the white stripes;
It was just the two of them, and they didn\'t think it was just that the two of them were swinging on stage.
We always wanted to be a band and do different things.
\"We are just people who are born bored. we are creative people.
Just take out your ideas and stick with them if they sound good.
In the studio, this is our only rule: not sticking to expectations, not accepting any good ideas that follow. \"rob.
Williams @ freepressmb.
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