opera review: pelléas et mélisande at garsington atxa0wormsley

by:Marslite     2019-09-18
★★★☆ Perfect setting for the preferred diet of Garsington Opera\'s glass for its main care comedy-
The walled pavilion is not suitable for Pelas and merrysand made by Michael Boyd.
When the stage lamp light is the only light, it is easy to pause the doubt.
When the sun breaks into a drama of darkness, secrets and decay, everyone must work harder, including the audience.
If you have to, smirk merrysand dropped her wedding ring (and some did)
But this is not a stolen magpie.
From the very beginning, the landscape has plagued perreas and merrysand.
Debussy\'s adaptation of metlinke\'s sick story of broken and lonely
Everything, all evades, jealous, unloving husbands ruthless interrogation, abuse of innocence, murder, birth --
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