opening ceremony olympic rings created by sussex company

by:Marslite     2019-09-14
One of the most spectacular attractions at the opening ceremony of London\'s 2012 Olympic Games was created by a company in East Sussex.
Twenty people spent three months making rings at Howard Eaton Lighting, a cooking Bridge near Louis.
During the ceremony, the rings were considered forged in the industrial revolution and flew above the stadium to create the Olympic logo.
Adrian Thomas, an electronics engineer, said: \"It is a rather difficult task for us.
\"It took two weeks for the ring to be installed, including 14,000 (45,900ft)
LED lighting.
The company also works in a variety of West End shows, including cats, Opera ghosts and evil, who make cars for the stage show version of Chitti bunbang.
The creative power behind the opening ceremony Danny Boyle put the idea to the company.
\"It is huge, it is absolutely huge,\" said Mr Thomas . \".
\"It\'s called five West End shows.
\"As part of an ecological contract
Friendly game, rings are now recycled as lighting and wires are taken apart.
The company is currently working on another project for the closing ceremony on August 12.
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