one of cambridge’s most famous buildings as you’ve never seen it before

by:Marslite     2019-09-14
The Fitzwilliam Museum has been renovated as part of a major restoration.
The focus of the work is on the entrance of the founder, and the iconic dome lantern ceiling is fully restored.
Kate Carrino, assistant curator of Fitzwilliam Museum, said: \"Fitzwilliam is a historical landmark of Cambridge and is recognized International for its importance and beauty . \".
\"This repair will ensure the safety and sustainability of this accident --
Love Building on the famous Cambridge skyline.
The founder of the Fitzwilliam Museum was completed in 1848 and designed by neo-classical architect George buswich, it is one of the most magnificent museum interiors in the world.
Due to the condition of the building listed at its level, the maintenance and preservation of the building is described as \"national importance \".
The museum also said that \"it is a priority to ensure that it remains resilient and sustainable over the coming centuries,\" with Fitzwilliam and the University of Cambridge funding the project and hiring professional construction contractors, this year with an architectlong project.
Contractor Brown and Ralph fixed the dome Lantern
Highlights of the main entrance hall of Fitzwilliam Museum, Fitzwilliam music administrator as consultant.
Michael Brown, the contract manager for Brown and Ralph, said: \"This is a fairly simple fix using traditional techniques and experts.
\"It took a year and there were some unexpected surprises, but it was the same as recovery.
\"You don\'t really know what\'s inside until you find something.
We found the roof Wood to rot much more than expected.
All copper cladding has been replaced.
\"The glass windows have all been repaired and, again, the Iron Dome at the top has collapsed.
Brown and Ralph worked with Michael Vanoli at AMA licensed architects.
Prior to the restoration, a temporary ceiling canopy was set up last year, allowing lanterns and decorative schemes to enter the ceiling.
The protection of the 18 th century interior decoration scheme and gypsum board includes: • restore the vents in the dome lantern to the original Victorian design • replace the broken pane lantern with curved glass and make it waterproof to protect the lantern railing and repair the last stage, by installing LED lighting to reduce the carbon footprint of the museum, the design is both environmental and economic, and the sustainable development of factors that are crucial to the future of the building.
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