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Beautiful sari, perfect production
Up, live orchestra, fancy lighting, well
Rehearsing dance routines. . .
You must be able to attract the attention of the audience.
But all these flashes come at a price.
\"It costs between 23,000 and 25,000 to perform alone,\" said Parvathi Raavi Ghantasala, who runs the dance school . \".
But most dancers say they don\'t mind spending money because it\'s important to make a mark in the music and dance seasons of each year.
\"While the price is expensive, it gives my students the opportunity to show their talents,\" Ghantasala said . \".
A large part of 25,000 of the clothing is worn.
Each season, you need two sets of clothing, which costs between 7,500 and 8,500 depending on the material of the clothing.
Clothing prices as Kanjeevaram are between £ 6,000 and £ 10,000 and dancers use relatively cheap materials such as Dharmavaram (3,800-4,500)
And Apurva Silk (800-900).
\"It is best to invest in materials that can withstand wear and tear,\" said Urmila Satyanarayanan, a dancer at bharatanayam, who runs the dance school Natya Sankalpa.
And then carefully crafted jewelry. up .
Most dancers choose fake. arakku)
Gold and silver jewelry.
\"Fake jewelry will not last for a long time because they are easily corroded due to sweat.
They are also fl I m s y, s ay s. d. c. e. r. Alarmel Valli, who runs the art center Dipasikha.
Usually, dancers end up replacing fake jewelry for big shows.
But without the live orchestra, the ensemble is incomplete. A four-
Dancer Shobhana Ramesh says part of the orchestra composed of singers, mridangam, violin and flute players will cost between £ 8,000 and £ 9,000.
\"While sabhas is in charge of the orchestra charge for pop dancers, first of all --
\"Time performers have to pay for it themselves,\" she said . \".
This is where group shows help dancers.
\"Everyone has about 2,000 swimming pools,\" said Ananya Rajagopal, a student at Ghantasala . \".
\"My teacher is responsible for the Hall and orchestra fees of about 15,000.
Shravani Joshi said: \"It\'s not easy to cut costs and he has been performing for six years this season.
\"Newcomers have to pay between £ 3,000 and £ 6,000 to some sabhas to get a place,\" Joshi said . \".
\"I don\'t mind spending money because it\'s good PR to perform in sabhas and it\'s promoting my career,\" she said . \".
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