old-style trouper and a rock of the theatre

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Rob Gast. Actor.
Born on July 17, 1950 in Birmingham, England.
He died in Melbourne on October 2 at the age of 58.
Lawrence Olivier calls it a hand.
Touching: The tradition of drama has been whispered from the great Shakespeare actors of the past centuries to future generations.
It still happens on the modern stage, one of the things that theater people remember most about musicals
Drama Star Rob Guest who died suddenly yesterday
The people who worked with him lovingly remembered the presence of the guests, as did his star power and the energy he showed in ashow, which was almost never missed.
He showed up on stage for the last time on Sunday night and didn\'t know it was his last show.
He plays the Wizard of Oz in another popular musical (
He dreams more than most actors)
The evil of Stephen Schwartz
According to Australian critic Peter Burch, the role of Guest is small, but he \"maintains an elegant dignity \".
Producer John Frost believes his guest is the way to control the show he appears on.
He tells his story and takes pride in being part of a traditional local tour.
He shows how actors can be put into their work and play romantic and mysterious theaters with a highly emotional response.
He seriously teaches young actors the etiquette, reliability and elegance of the industry under pressure.
\"He has always been an image of his father and is always proud to lead a company and take responsibility,\" Frost said . \".
\"People are no longer trained like this.
He always cleans up the mess backstage.
\"Producers remember the first time evil actors gathered for technical rehearsals at the Regent\'s Theatre in Melbourne.
He passed the guest\'s locker room and saw young pop star Anthony calliya and Rob Mills with him.
The guest\'s rules for backstage etiquette are gentle.
\"It\'s a theater, not a rock show,\" Frost recalls . \"
\"He told them not to bring the girls back in the background, never to believe that the actors would drink and not to expect a good performance.
\"On Tuesday night, guests died after being hospitalized at St Vincent\'s Hospital in Melbourne due to a massive stroke.
He told his partner, Kelly Dixon, that he didn\'t feel well and that she called an ambulance.
He was taken to hospital and she was told he was not in danger.
\"None of us know that things are serious.
\"We all thought it was a slight stroke and he would only leave the show for a few weeks,\" said PR and friend Suzy Howie . \".
\"I asked him to book the Melbourne Cup event and thought there was no reason to cancel it, but it turned out to be a lot more serious than we knew.
\"Guests teenage children Amy and Christopher flew in from Sydney with his ex-wife Judy and his mother Betty.
Before his death, his New Zealand family also came to his bedside.
On Wednesday, just before the evil matinee, after he was told the seriousness of the condition, Frost spent some time with the guests.
\"He has a tube coming out on him and he\'s just sticking to it,\" says Frost . \".
\"I held his hand and thanked him for everything he did for the theater and told him that I hope the journey will be easy.
\"Just before one o\'clock P. M. , when Frost left the hospital, he received a call from the production management department.
All the sound and lighting effects in the theater disappeared, nothing worked, and the start of the matinee had to be delayed.
Frost said: \"I think Rob said, \'it\'s impossible to do this show without me. \'.
The guest and his family, born in Birmingham and moved to New Zealand, started his career on the local pop charts at the age of 1970.
He starred in The New Zealand edition of Brian Henderson\'s popular TV show, the hotel of events, which featured New Zealand actors Dana Lee, Craig Scott and Ray Columbus.
In 1978, Guest was named New Zealand\'s professional performer of the year, and shortly thereafter, he moved to the United States, where he spent most of his 80 years hosting the show in Las Vegas, Atlantic City, Renault, nevada and Lake Tahoe.
In his early 90 s, he came to Australia to audition for Cameron McIntosh\'s Les Miserables.
He has been the protagonist of Jean Valjean for 1/2 years in Australia and New Zealand. In 1995, he traveled to London at the invitation of Mackintosh to participate in the production of the 10 th anniversary of the musical.
In 1992, he won the title in \"Phantom of the Opera\" and sang the famous night song in 2289 performances in seven years.
He is the longest serving Phantom in the world, and he is very proud of it.
\"He never understood why the actors wanted to leave the hot show;
He was still evil in 2020 . \"
\"He hates to miss a show,\" Howie recalls . \".
\"When he lost his voice for a short time, he only missed a performance in the tragic world;
He collapsed and was very angry. \"His co-
Star Marina Prior once said: \"If he has to do this, we always laugh that he will continue.
\"The guests are still present in Jonson as Al Jolson, Captain von Trapp appears in The Sound of Music, Pastor Shaw Moore appears in freedom, Harold Hill
Even in a show decorated with Broadway whimsy or unspeakable mediocrity, the guest\'s performance is always honest, which makes him different.
He showed up on stage with the kind of critic Kenneth Tainan said \"invisible weight mass, different from bulk\", in which the great actor showed himself.
At 1994, guests host the seven-network controversial risk variety show Man O Man, one of the full
The female audience voted for their favorite male player.
When it comes to the show, the guest said: \"It is purely a pleasure . \"
\"It is harmless;
No swearing, no nudity.
However, there is still a lot of flying speed.
But he is good at the music theater.
Frost remembers discussing his production of evil before he combined it all.
\"I wear the face of my sullen producer and I tell him that if the show doesn\'t work, I can really take root,\" Frost said . \".
\"But Rob just put his arm around me and said, \'This is bigger than the Phantom, and I\'m in it. \"He\'s an old man-
Frost added: \"He will look at you and say, \'Man, life is good when he hears a prelude.
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