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npr music\'s tiny desk debuts music by radiohead\'s jonny greenwood

by:Marslite     2019-09-10
May 20, 2019 Washington DCC. -
Today, NPR\'s little table, in collaboration with Jonny Greenwood at Radiohead, shows the world premiere video show of the last two Greenwood Productions: 88 (No. 1)
For solo piano and three miniature models of water for indoor ensemble.
New york-National Radio
In January 25, 2019, one of the leading groups dedicated to contemporary music, based in NPR Signal, performed the two works on the famous NPR Desk.
\"It\'s exciting to see and hear these challenging pieces that Jonny Greenwood is performing on the little table,\" Bob bouvalen said in all the songs considered.
\"These works using drones and complex piano choirs help to gain insight into the textured music that Jonny Greenwood has created with and without a radio head.
Greenwood is a guitarist, arranger, and many more
Grammy Award Player
Won the British rock band radio head, which sold 30 million albums worldwide.
The band is often listed as one of the greatest bands of modern times and entered the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame earlier this year.
Radiohead\'s last album, a moon-shaped pool, is the group\'s sixth top 10 album on the Billboard 200 chart.
In addition to his success at Radiohead, Greenwood is also known as a composer.
He wrote very well.
Many of Paul Thomas Anderson\'s films received scores, including \"flesh and blood\", \"Master\" and \"Oscar\"
Nominated Phantom line;
We need to talk about Kevin in addition to Lynne Ramsey, you have never really been here.
\"I have seen a lot of small table concerts over the years.
It was nice to see musicians playing in the original setting away from the stage light and background tracks-as if they had just stopped for lunch break to play at the office with a table --
\"Restrain the staff to watch the game,\" said Jonny Greenwood . \".
\"These performances should be exposed to defects, but instead they tend to expose musicians to casual cleverness, like members of the Ensemble Signal, who of course will take the pieces
\"Ensemble Signal is one of the leading groups dedicated to contemporary music.
In a musical landscape that is increasingly without genre boundaries, this collaboration provides a compelling perspective on the fluidity between traditional rock, jazz and classical boundaries in the small table series, praised for its inclusive philosophy and tastemaking savvy.
Bob Boilen and NPR\'s Tom Huizenga from all the songs considered can be interviewed about this little table show, email media relationship @ npr. org.
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