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northumbria uni drama lighting removal angers students

by:Marslite     2019-09-13
Drama students ask for a refund after dismantling the stage lights halfway through the university course.
The students said Northumbria University removed it from the Lippmann theater on August without prior warning.
Irene Connor, Ma\'s student, said they \"need a theater with complete work in facilities to create the work needed for this module \".
The university says lighting is \"not important to this module \".
A spokesman said students could work in other spaces.
MS Connor has formally filed a complaint and has begun to apply online to resume the drilling platform.
\"When we were still using the space and facilities, it was removed in the middle of the MA student thesis module,\" she said . \".
\"Without lighting, the Lippmann theater will become completely useless.
\"The university won\'t say why the rig is still being advertised on the website, why it was removed, and whether or not it is permanent.
It also does not say whether it will compensate the students.
However, it says they will be \"easier\" to enter the space for the live theater and the Northern Stage, which is \"a major improvement over the previous facilities \".
MS Connor said there was no lighting for the live theater.
The use of local theaters \"cannot be maintained and guaranteed\" because they \"are already working to support artists who have the opportunity and space,\" she said \".
North stage and live theater have been approached for comment.
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