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northland school acts chase musical success at smokefreerockquest heats

by:Marslite     2019-09-14
The music star tour may begin this weekend with a North Country Show at Whang thanrei, where a regional smoke-free music show will take place at Whang thanrei.
From twelve o\'clock P. M. on Sunday, the band and eight solo or duets will take part in a non-smoking music event, while the other 17 will compete in a non-smoking Tonga Tower beating the heat.
Now, the national high school music event has been 31 years, and record entries are expected to be held in 21 regions across the country from north to Invercargill.
Smokefreerockquest runs at the same time as Smokefree Tangata Beats, aiming to cultivate Pasifika and Maori culture in a contemporary music environment.
Participants will perform on a professional stage and experience a full set of performances
Lighting, sound, projection background, technical support, professional guest band and MC.
\"The creativity, thought and work of the songs that are ready for the day\'s performance is huge, not just music skills,\" said founder and director Glenn Common . \".
\"All the students involved have a sense of pride and achievement.
\"Non-smoking don Tower beat and solo Award-
After Sunday\'s heat, the smoking champion will be confirmed for both.
The top 12 performances will be selected in the North final at Forum north on June 11.
The finalists of the regional competition will be held on September 14 at the Bruce Mason center on the north shore of Auckland in the smokles national finals.
One of the most successful bands to stand out from the previous competition is the alien weapon of the North, a Tangata Beats winner, currently touring Europe and making significant progress around the world.
The North Korean band performed by smokeraster North: The Paradise of strangers-
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