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northland news in brief

by:Marslite     2019-10-02
The highway closure New Zealand Transport Agency will close Interstate 1 on Brynderwyns from Sunday to Tuesday for repairs.
If weather permits, the highway will be closed in both directions starting from 6.
From five o\'clock A. M. to November 5-7.
Southbound traffic will be diverted through the outer and mangahuai, and northbound traffic will be diverted through Paparoa/Oakleigh.
Wine Shop robbery a wine shop staff member was hit in the head by a bottle of wine during a robbery in Chuan.
Police officer Ross Laurie of North Central Police said three disguised criminals entered Chuanchuan, the super liquor under the Star Hotel, at about eight o\'clock P. M. on Sunday night.
The only staff member on duty was hit in the head by the bottle, causing him a minor injury.
He refused treatment.
The thief took many bottles of spirits and cash from the cashier and then ran away by car.
The police are following up the investigation, including checking the video footage of the town\'s CCTV system, but Mr. Laurie urged anyone with robbery information to call radio Creek (09)
407 9211 0800 cm on 555 CM 111 cm or anonymous Crimestoppers.
As a result of the findings of the Waitangi Tribunal on Ngatiwai\'s mandate, the tribunal\'s findings are expected to be published today.
The Waitangi court held an emergency hearing on the official recognition of the authorization deed of the Ngatiwai Trust Committee, after several hapu groups claimed that the official recognition of the Commission\'s authorization was wrong. A three-
A day hearing was held at the Toll Stadium on last October, followed by a two-day hearing in Wellington on December.
An Oakland man faces heavy charges for refusing to Park Police on Interstate 11 near Opua.
Police say 24-year-
When he was seen about 1 year old, he was \"driving all the way \". 30am on Sunday.
He allegedly refused to park, but drove the car into the driveway and ran into someone\'s garage.
When he was arrested, he was found to have many arrest warrants.
He was also accused of violating bail, not stopping, drinking
Driving and driving are prohibited.
Fire station attack 33-year-
The old man was allegedly accused of intentional damage after the Onerahi fire station smashed the window, including the fire truck windshield.
Shortly after two o\'clock A. M. on Sunday, police arrested the Raumanga man at the fire station.
He will appear in the Whangarei District Court yesterday.
When the damaged windshield was repaired, another fire truck was stationed at Onerahi.
The cause of the fire is unknown last Tuesday, a fire investigator is still trying to find out what caused a massive fire that destroyed a sound and lighting-filled Kerikeri Waipapa Rd
Fire risk management officer Gary bill said the cause of the accident had not yet been determined, but he had sent some electrical equipment recovered from the cottage to the test.
The shed was used in the music workshop owned by stage production company Tony Harrison.
As of yesterday, the giveaway page launched by his two adult children to help his business recover has raised more than $4500.
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