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no more religious hard sell : heavy metal: stryper, which built a reputation as a christian band and plays sunday at pacific amphitheatre, is switching focus from ministry to music.

by:Marslite     2019-10-02
Amps? Check. Microphones? Check.
Guitar and strings? Check, double-check. Box of Bibles? Maybe.
As Stryper prepares for the fall tour, guitarist Oz Fox thinks he may bring the last point of the standard Stryper device to date.
However, the Bible will remain in the background this time.
Orange County rock band won national attention and impressive album sales by setting Gospel messages to heavy metal music, and won\'t throw the book at fans any more.
The old tradition of throwing the Bible to the audience has not changed.
Fans who hear the band\'s new album \"breaking the law\" will be moved by a tougher voice ---
Since there is absolutely no mention of any element of God, Jesus, or birth --
This is also the theology of the lyrics and information that led the band before.
Last week, Michael Sweet, the singer of Fox and Trappel, sat on a pleasant back --
Robert Sweet\'s patio in the house in Buena Park, talking about Stryper\'s improved approach (
Stryper performs at the Pacific Amphitheater on Sunday.
Charge Dio for 5
Heavy metal band).
They mentioned several motives for Stryper to move towards the secular world.
After six years as a music missionary, the band members lost some of their former missionary enthusiasm.
More importantly, they are tired of being finalized as a \"Christian rock\" band and are therefore written off by a large part of the rock band
Love the population.
Most importantly, they just feel the need to try something different.
Throwing the Bible at the audience \"just we feel we have done enough,\" Fox said \".
The big stage lights that say \"Jesus\" will not appear again.
But if Stryper\'s music and stage performances change, its beliefs will not change.
Fox says he is as prepared as ever to promote Christian messages among rock fans.
But for now, he will wait for them to look for it instead of throwing it on their faces as Stryper did in the old Bible --hurling custom.
Fox, 29, said: \"We still have Bible cases that we have never thrown away . \" He is a serious speaker with a beard trimmed, long dark hair and burning shoulder tattoos, titled Stryper million
Sell 1986 albums, hell with the devil.
\"If I talked to someone after the show, he wanted one. . .
\"Michael sweet may not be here-
Song rest about the band\'s religious beliefs.
He said he was not sure what he would say on stage yet.
\"We will work in some old tunes that tell about God and Christ.
We will not be ashamed of this and escape from it, \"said Michael Sweeney, a tall, dark man --haired 27-year-
The old man who appeared in T-
Shirts, shorts and KNAC baseball caps;
Like a Fox, he took any hard
The attitude of the rock singer during the interview. \"(Stryper\'s fans)
\"Know what we stand for,\" he added . \".
\"If they want to know God, they can come and talk to us.
When Stryper showed up on 1983, four members-
Fox and Michael sweet on the guitar, Sweet\'s brother Robert on the drum, Tim Gaines on the bass-
It is most unusual to hear a band\'s pious message of playing heavy metals, a medium that is largely filled with liberators and hell --raisers.
So Stryper got a lot of attention.
Since 1985, it has done a good job in \"Soldiers Under Command\", platinum-
Sales of \"Devil hell\" and 1988 of \"God We Trust\", sales of more than 500,000, a gold record.
But the band is still not in the top tier of the arena headlines.
When Stryper starts the tour after performing at the Pacific Amphitheater, it will start with the headline club and then with first-
Billing Ratt and third-
As part of the three membersmonth arena-Tour package. \"In some ways ,(
Stryper received attention as a Christian band)
In our favor.
On the other hand, it\'s a disadvantage in terms of being labeled as a rock-and-roll Christian boy, \"said Michael Sweet.
\"If the word\" Christian band \"is not heard, some people may like us.
But it turned them off.
On the last tour in 1988
89, Stryper began to order--
It is not against the teaching of Christianity, but against the expectation that the music of Christianity must be devoted to the dissemination of the Gospel.
\"There are a lot of people who are putting pressure on us to do this, to have the same image, to sing the same song,\" Fox said . \".
\"To be honest, we are a little exhausted in this matter.
I feel, myself, that even if we try to communicate (
Religious Mania)
On stage, it\'s not (there). I wasn\'t happy.
I think I have been tired of the same old stuff. We (changed)
Make yourself New and look forward to it.
\"In addition to some particularly savvy politicians, it is not easy for people in the public eye to maintain credibility after changing or at least giving up a strong statement.
Stryper is not a band that will be outspoken in evangelism.
Lines like \"He is our God, the creator of all things/unless you accept him, you will continue to fall from the works on the wall\", \"may be an expression of fanatic faith, but most people who have different ideas about spiritual issues may feel harsh and dismissive of the dogma and disdain of any other divine concept.
\"We think this is the right thing to do, we did it,\" Fox said . \". (
Michael Sweet cuts in with a model
The tone of disbelief: \"Wait a minute ---
We\'re not brainwashed? \")
Now, when Stryper thinks that a different approach is correct, it is likely that some critics will accuse this new approach of being purely opportunistic and expedient, giving up
\"That\'s probably what they think,\" Fox said, shrugging.
\"I think there is nothing wrong with change.
Michael Sweet says some of the band\'s longtime supporters have been transferred to Africa
Religious theme.
\"I think a lot of Christians feel abandoned,\" including \"Christians who have helped our friends spiritually over the years, who have had an impact on us.
\"In fact, he said the theme song part of the illegal is for those who want to shape the band according to their own image or the\" law.
\"A lot of Christians are stuck in this little box and don\'t know anything about things in the world.
\"They feel like everyone should live in their little box,\" Fox said . \".
\"But when you are a Christian, as long as you continue to follow Christ and stay away from sin, you are free to do whatever you want.
\"This is not to say that Stryper has put the cross aside in order to develop this typical metal --
Simple sex and casual rebellion are the topics of fantasy.
Michael Sweet said the band was determined to continue to make a \"positive\" statement.
The strongest song on the album is \"not that kind of person\", of which Sweet (
A married man, like all Stryper members except brother Robert)
Polish the claim of a star chaser.
\"Caught in the middle\" is a quick and stormy warning of the emptiness of hedonism, materialistic life. \"Two Bodies (
A soul)
\"Focus on the efforts and commitments needed to maintain a long-term relationship ---
From the usual hard-a refreshing change
Rock focuses on love at first sight or afterthe-
Break up melancholy
Stryper gave up polished pop music on the music
The metal way often recalls Boston\'s discerning studio gloss and pursues a tougher, more physical sound.
\"It\'s more of a simple rock-and-roll idea,\" Fox said . \"
\"It\'s more along the path of our growth that we have experienced in our teens.
We are always picky about things.
We just relaxed the album.
\"Stryper now has a new manager, except for all the other changes ---
Kingsoft management, led by Danny Goldberg, is the music industry\'s leading freedom-
Speech Advocate
Until about six months ago, the band was run by Janice sweet, the mother of Michael and Robert.
While she encouraged Stryper to enter Christian rock, she supported the new direction, Michael said.
Now, he says his mother is working on her own music career, in a mother --
The daughter sang with her sister Lisa sweet.
\"She believes in us, she understands us, she knows we are still Christians,\" Michael Sweet said of his mother . \".
She knows what we want to do. -
Focus back on us as a band instead of a priest.
Michael Sweet said the goal is to \"engage with more people than ever before.
We mainly want people to look at us as a band and understand that we are a band first.
We\'re not crazy.
We\'re a rock band.
Make music the focus.
If this happens, we will naturally sell more records.
Start at 3: 30 on Sunday, Dio, Stryper, love/hate, dog and cold sweat gamesm.
Located at 100 Fair Avenue, Costa Mesa, Pacific Amphitheater.
Tickets: $22 to $26. 95. Information: (714)634-1300.
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