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news release: senators announce partnership with ephesus lighting to upgrade arena lighting system

by:Marslite     2019-09-14
Senator Ottawa ()
Announced today that they have partnered with Ephesus Lighting, by lighting-LEDs (LED)
The lights of the arena.
For the mobile of 2014-LED
The National Hockey League season has made it the first NHL venue to be lit up with Ephesus LED lights.
\"Obviously the Ephesus Lighting solution makes the most sense for us at the Canadian Tire Center for a variety of reasons,\" said Deputy Tom Conroy.
President and Executive Director, tire Centre Canada.
\"Our facility operators will benefit from the versatility of the system, but most importantly, our fans at the Canadian Tire Center and those watching at home will clearly see a better one
In addition, the investment in the new lighting system will enable our gaming entertainment team to strike immediately and illuminate the arena, which will open the door for the unique interior lighting
The game presents results and a better fan experience.
\"In Ephesus was selected by the Canadian Tire Center after extensive cooperation between facility operatorsby-
Side test with three other lighting companies offering LED solutions.
Ephesus Lighting Solutions exceed all other solutions in each category, including the amount of light reaching the ice surface, light uniformity, ease of installation, and Instant On/off capabilities.
Amy Casper explained: \"Sports and entertainment facilities operators are aware that LED lighting is a natural evolution of arena and stadium lighting as it provides the best stage for individual events and high definition television, \"CEO of Ephesus Lighting Company
\"Our lighting solutions have been successful and fans and players have expressed their gratitude for the fact that television stations and facilities operators have strengthened and there is no doubt that LED is ready for the major league.
\"The Canadian Tire Centre will replace its metal halides system with Arena 600 and Arena 300 lights and the Ephesus wireless control system, which will enable them to control the lights and create unique games
Although more than one fixture has been reduced
Third, the Ephesus Lighting solution will greatly increase the lighting of 125 feet candles and is expected to save more than energy.
The brightest LED in the market made by Ephesus is the only arena
The design lighting solution has passed the certification of the design Lighting Alliance (DLC)
Requirements for quality, performance and energy efficiency.
DLC certification enables the facility to receive energy rewards from utility providers.
Since lighting the first playground with LED in North America in 2012, Ephesus Lighting has created LED lighting solutions for more than 25 indoor and outdoor sports and entertainment venues in North America.
Ephesus Lighting Companyis a US-
Headquarters in manufacturing
Output LED lighting solutions for challenging applications in the industrial and sports markets.
Ephesus focuses on innovative and advanced LED solutions that enrich and illuminate the world by creating a brighter, more dynamic and more sustainable environment.
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