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new house for sale in light farms celina tx: the best of both worlds

by:Marslite     2019-10-16
Anyone who lives in the city knows that living close to work and close to all the actions provided by the city comes at a cost.
City life means traffic congestion, noise pollution, light pollution and people.
If you live in Dallas because your job is there, but you are a little tired of all the hustle and bustle 24 hours a day, you should consider looking for a new home for sale at the light Farm in Celina TX.
Light farm and Celina offer the best of both worlds, close to downtown Dallas, but far enough to enjoy the peace of mind for the other 16 hours of the day.
Celina\'s light farm is only 45 minutes from downtown Dallas, passing the Dallas North Toll Road;
But as you drive along the main road of the community you call home, it feels like it\'s millions of miles away.
This is because of the environment, including green belts, parks, trails and lakes, and attitudes.
Buying a new home for sale at the light Farm in Celina TX means joining a community of people who want a good life and want to give their families everything they need to be healthy, active and stimulating.
Light farm with swimming pool, tennis court, fitness center etc, it provides something for the whole family in terms of leisure and entertainment.
In addition, the community sponsors events such as concerts, movie nights, etc. , designed to bring neighbors together with neighbors.
The light farm involves not only community activities and green spaces, but also getting a beautiful home from a great builder.
Eight top home builders in the area build houses on light farms to ensure you have an almost endless range of product types and home design options.
American Legends, darlin, derres, the Highlands, the horizon, Hove Nan \'An, Lions Gate and sanddock families are all on the light farm.
All these builders are designing and building the world.
After working all day, you will be happy to be back in class.
Lot Options range from 50 lots to 80 lots, lots and prices start at $240, so you\'ll be sure to find a new home for your needs at Celina TX light farm to sell your budget
So, if you\'re ready to escape from city life, call Blair Taylor, a real estate agent who knows about bright farm)972)457-3008.
You can also visit www [dot]blairtaylor[dot]
Start online with your light Farm Family Search.
New homes for sale in kailina TX Blair Taylor 3810 Clearlight Rd.
Selena, Texas 75009 (972)457-
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