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new holland offers revamped range of mid-range tractors

by:Marslite     2019-10-17
The new Netherlands has adjusted its medium term.
Series tractor model products, with a comprehensive product line in the market segment below 120hp. The 17-
Model tractor products include the recently launched T5 utility T5 Astro Command, re-
Named T4 and the existing TD5 series.
\"The division below 120hp is important for the New Netherlands, and the recent launch of the T5 TiVo Command and T5 Utility series ensures that our customers can choose tractors that are perfectly suited to their business. \"The three-model 100 -
The 120hp T5 TiVo Command series is the winner of the best practical tools for 2017 tractors, equipped with engines that meet the grade 4B standards.
Enhanced front suspension, improved rear lift capability, heavy duty
The tariff shaft with automatic function and the 16x16 electronic instruction transmission provide farmers with more flexibility and can be drafted with heavier tools. A loader-
Ready options and adjustable shuttle response make material handling more efficient.
Visibility of the VisionView cab has been improved
Angle mirrors and LED lighting kits enhance the safety and comfort of operators.
The 5 new T5 utility models offer between 75 and 114hp and continue the tradition of the well
T5000 series.
Farmers can be in twoor four-
Wheel drive on all syncsShuttle model (four-
All other wheel drives)
, Plus a variety of transmission options including dual instructions, power shuttle, and crawling
Speed of meeting individual requirements.
The T5 utility is perfect for handling tasks; loader-
Ready, it supports a maximum lifting capacity of up to 2,539 kg and a maximum lifting height of 3.
7 m from New Holland 740TL front loader.
Optional front link mechanism with 1000-
Speed PTO adds flexibility. The six-model 65 -
The 15hp TD5 series offers robust design, robust efficiency and full
The simpler, comfortable cab is designed for loader work with a wide view.
At the low end of the power supply that provides td5. 65 and TD5.
75 has an efficient mechanical engine, while td5. 85, TD5. 95, TD5. 105 and TD5.
The modern, 4A-compliant, regular track 3 compliments 115 models.
4 liter F5C power plant, reduced fuel consumption by 10 pc. The three-
The T4 Series model previously called T4 PowerStar was driven by 3.
4-liter Common rail F5C engine that meets the 4B standard.
When the engine is under load, precise refueling can enhance the response and achieve fuel savings of up to 13 pc.
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