miss runstedler, michael b. du pont are married on l.i.

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Church of John at the Latin town bishop\'s church in Los Angeles Locust ValleyI.
The background of yesterday\'s marriage of Elizabeth Ann longstler and Michael Belfield Dupont. The Rev. Charles G.
Newberg presided over the ceremony.
Robin Ardon longstler is the bridesmaid of her sister.
The other waiters are Mrs. Peter D. Sanger and Mrs. Frank R.
The groom and sister Lyon 3d;
Donna Lynn Edquest, Lois Robin Steinberg and Marianne Francis Clark. Robert A.
Jackson is the best man.
The bride is the daughter of the lady.
Sidney Diamond in Old BrookvilleI.
Her stepfather is president of Sid diamond display and president of Sid Diamond furniture design in New York and San Francisco. Mr.
Mr. Dupont\'s son. and Mrs.
Reynolds DuPont in Greenville.
And fishermen\'s Island, N. Y.
Is a descendant of E. \'S founder, ellouni Dupont. I.
His grandfather, the late Lamot DuPont Company in derwilmington.
He became president in 1926 and president in 1948.
The groom\'s father retired, chairman of the Delaware Senate, with DuPont. Mr. advertising
So is Mrs. DuPont\'s grandson.
Thomas in Bell Inn in, ValBryn Mawr, Pa.
And the late Sir.
Leval is an investment consultant at Renault in Philadelphia.
The bride is the manager of the Manhattan asset Abraham and Ms. Stras sportswear department in Los Angeles. I.
Her husband is the national distributor sales manager for TV and stage maker Controls control
Lighting Equipment in Salt Lake City.
The couple received a bachelor\'s degree in fine arts from Ithaca College. Mr.
DuPont also graduated from Laurensville school.
A version of this file was printed on page 57 of the New York edition on June 3, 1979 under the title: Miss Runstedler, Michael B.
DuPont got married in Los Angeles. I.
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