massey hall $135-million ‘revitalization’ gets underway

by:Marslite     2019-10-08
On Monday, when Charles Carter stood behind a podium on the sacred stage of the Macy\'s Hall and officially launched the $135 building --
Million \"revitalization\", a gray fluff fell off the ceiling, slowly drifting to the floor, somewhere between the first row and the second row, to the right of the stage.
Roy Thomson Hall, CEO and president of the outgoing Messi concert hall, said: \"Messi concert hall is not only a national historic site that we all cherish, but also the birthplace of Canadian music history . \".
\"This has been the case in the past 120, and in the coming 120.
\"It\'s not clear how many years this dusty rabbit has gathered, but it\'s the right time for it to fly.
Despite the past glory of the hall, it has a feeling of shopping, with those strange reclining seats and worn brass railings.
Expensive cosmetic surgery is mainly paid by company and government cash, with the aim of carrying out some renovations without polishing the quaint beauty of this place.
The motto of the project is \"change everything but improve everything \".
As Cutts officially announced on Monday
According to The Star newspaper reported on last April
There will be seven games in Macy\'s Hall.
Annual renovations supervised by Toronto KPMB Architects.
The first phase now in progress will see the construction of the hall\'s first loading dock ever (
Still have big steel piano and lighting coming in from front door)
And a new two.
Basement on one floor and enlarged back room.
Estimated price: $32 million.
The federal government and the provincial government each contributed $8 million to this part of the renovation project.
Cutts said the Macy\'s Hall will be closed for 18 to 24 months in the second phase of the repair, but as early as 2019.
\"Before that, Macy\'s Hall will open as usual.
The building opened in 1894 with bright red doors and forged-
The escape of iron fire has become an instant recognition. The 2,752-
The seating Hall received a WHO member.
Musicians from jazz artists like Charlie Parker and Halo Gillespie (
His 1953 recording at Messi is considered one of the greatest genres)
Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen
Politicians and celebrities who spoke at Monday\'s event proved the hall\'s rich and diverse contribution to Toronto\'s musical history.
Ontario Minister of Tourism, Culture and Sports Michael Coto was there when he was a teenager to watch the performance of LL Cool J.
Rush\'s lead singer, Gedi Lee, was able to see the legendary rock super band Cream in the lobby before performing’70s.
Musical historian Alan Cross points out that Pearl Jam Band lead singer Eddie Vader finds the place where Neil Young once relaxed himself so Vader can refresh the same spot with his own stream.
Mayor John Torley has his own vivid memory: in a performance by the Toronto Symphony Orchestra, he and his grandmother received \"the first experience of classical music \";
The performance of Jack Benny, a juggling actor and radio star;
And James Taylor\'s concert.
\"Today, we started a mission to ensure that recent Canadians, young Canadians and Canadians have not come yet, including those who have some accessibility requirements, there will be a sense of joy, intimacy and history and magic from attending any show or any event in the Macy\'s Hall.
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