maligned cube wins international award

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They may be attacked at home, but the architect who designed the new outdoor stage in the exchange area won high international praise for the controversial cuttingedge project.
5468796 Construction Company
Owned by architects Sasa Radulovic and Johanna Hurme, it became the second Canadian company to win the London emerging architecture award
It is headquartered in the Royal College of Architecture and the Journal of Architectural Review in the UK.
The company will receive the award at a Grand Awards ceremony in London next month, and Hurme said all 11 employees of the company will attend.
International acclaim is a refreshing change, judging from some criticism the cube has received since its inception
The Old Market Square was unveiled last summer.
Although some winnibons immediately fell in love with its super
Contemporary design, it was criticized loudly by someone who said it did not fit the overall \"legacy\" feeling of the exchange zone.
Even Mayor Sam Katz, who was involved in the debate earlier this week, said at a mayoral candidate forum that while \"looks very good\", it was $1. 2-
The million stage is functionally defective because it does not provide enough space for lighting and sound equipment.
So, how big is winning the emerging architecture award?
According to Art Martin, chairman of the Manitoba Institute of Architects, the scale is very large.
Martin said the EAs, founded in 1999, is considered one of the world\'s most popular and prestigious young architects awards.
He said the competition this year attracted about 300 players from around the world.
\"It\'s true for a company in Manitoba to get this award. All (Manitoba)
This pride can be shared by architects.
\"The only Canadian company that won the award, he said, was Quebec, which was early in the competition.
In the letter, the EA officials did not state why their project was selected as an award or what kind of award they would receive, Hurme said.
She assumed they would find it at the ceremony on November. 25.
They were also told, she said, that all 19 winners would also be featured in the building review on December. \"It\'s great.
Very exciting.
\"As for the attacks they were attacked at home, hurme said that a lot of criticism was too early because they thought there would be problems from the beginning and had to be adjusted.
For example, the aluminum chain she said-
The mail curtains have been adjusted so they take it back further to address the concerns that there is not enough room for performers on stage.
The open space behind the stage is also covered with grilles, creating extra space for lighting and sound equipment, and the computerized internal lighting system is being adjusted, so the stage will be more prominent at night.
\"I hope everything will be resolved. . .
Hopefully people will see real ideas and considerations behind it (the design),\" she said. murray.
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