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by:Marslite     2019-09-10
Things are everywhere on 21 Street and P Street! Liquid dye. Yellow. Blue. Bright purple!
The skin sparkles in three colors!
Hundred makeup background color, hundred eyes eyeliner color! Tan blush!
A wrench rack with fixed stage lights, lighting books, a stack of colored frames and a chin
High Victorian map cabinet full of colored gel for theatrical lighting, reminding owner Jean Rosenthal (
Has nothing to do with Broadway designer of the same name)
She was trained as a lighting designer at George Washington University and only graduated two years ago.
\"This is my dream,\" she said . \"
\"It was originally a bookstore, but it was not enough.
I\'m tired of everyone saying they\'re going to New York for everything.
\"Her mother and father were a retired antique dealer and government staff, respectively, who helped in the store.
So did her grandmother. You want wigs?
Louis XIV wig
George Washington wig
Santa wig.
Washington lawyers wig
Clown wigs of all primary colors. And rainbow. You want masks?
There is a scarlet red ostrich with a long arm.
The temptation of feathers.
There is a fish face with gaps designed by Jack Guidone. A devil. A lion. A monkey. A quetzal. A quetzal!
A man named Jack Guido Kuzar!
Winged snakes in Mexico and D. H.
Lawrence is in your own living room!
Put it on to Vic\'s!
New department: tights! Leotards! Leg warmers! All colors! (Within reason! )
\"I started collecting costumes, but you know they take up too much space.
\"If we put on our clothes, we will have to scale up,\" Rosenthal said . \".
But the toes are inside the door.
On the Shelf: A Book of the 20-year-old Urte fashion paper doll.
Marilyn Monroe paper doll!
Rudolf Valentino paper doll!
A box of old magazine advertisements (
\"I\'m going to walk a mile for the camel! \")
Harper\'s weekend in April 1, 1876-
A three-page hodgepodge!
A month ago, the store opened on the main floor of the Henry Gallery and has found the audience. Play-
Wright, John Nazila (\"Phallacies\")
Already know to hang out there.
Theaters and dancers in the city center are calling for this, and every Wednesday Rosenthal will order copies of any script being produced by the local theater to be able to provide songs, research and props that may be needed.
For the revival of Chekhov!
You can buy whisky bottles and wine glasses made of dry syrup: separate bottles that hit someone\'s head with dry syrup.
O\'Casey revival!
Of course, there are records, as well as tapes, music scores, postcards and posters, as well as many posters, piles of posters, walls full of posters. . .
\"Javerry is a moment of joy.
Now is the time! \". . .
Books on theaters, movies, operas, dance bookshelves and bookshelves: fat books, thin books, hard books, simple books.
Arthur Wesley\'s \"no drama in Japan\"!
\"Instant Decorator! Basic ballet--
Defined steps!
\"People come in and look for material for monologue or speech.
People want old songs or new songs (
Drawer label: \"Complete vocal score,--J\").
People pick up-artical-
Theme jewelry, drama note paper, drama scarf, beads, T-shirt with \"Wiz\" printed on it.
People leave notices, flyers, auditions.
They drank hot cider on cold days.
They sat in the director\'s chair and read from the bookshelf. It\'s a store? It\'s a planet!
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