make your home an urban oasis with tips from sandra rinomato

by:Marslite     2019-10-05
It seems daunting to create an oasis in your home or apartment (or expensive)task.
But Sandra linomato, the host of buy yourself and real estate agent, proves here that this is actually simple.
If you want to make your home a place where you want to spend your time, follow some advice from linomato.
Do you have any suggestions for us? Tell us in the comments below or on Twitter: \"stay balanced,\" ordinary people strive to incorporate the latest trends into their homes without problems with the rest of the house.
When you walk from room to room, there should be a delicate balance in your home.
The color mapping of accessories, pillows, carpets and linens is an affordable way to change the decor and stay up to date.
There should be a natural flow in your home.
If you are changing the \"flow\" of a room, you need to take these elements to the next room, \"said Sandra rinomato, the Realtor and self-buying host. \' Built-In-
Storage \"buying furniture for in-house storage helps eliminate
Make a mess of your home and create a more relaxed and pleasant atmosphere.
When you find the perfect house, \"When you find your dream home \"(
You won\'t sell it soon)
There are no rules.
This is your space, be creative and enjoy your home.
Decoration of the soul;
Stage for sale.
When you are selling a house, you must appeal to the public.
Now is not the time to create.
The rooms are clean and bright, the air is fresh, and the neutral tone is the selling point here.
\"Color\" paint is a very affordable and powerful decoration tool.
Color can be used to influence mood.
Do you know that certain colors can increase your metabolism, boost your spirits, or provide a sense of tranquility? \"Candle\" is actually a simple thing about creating an atmosphere and atmosphere.
The scent is really important. -
Whether you are taking time out for yourself or having guests come over, what really creates the feeling of \"family\" is a trivial matter.
Candles are a large part of the decor in my home and they immediately let me relax.
They have been part of my family for years.
\"The simplest design rule is. . . \"The 60-30-10 principle.
This is a simple rule, and if you follow it, even the most artistic and challenging people can bring space to life. --
60 per cent of the room should be this hue/palette--
A new color family should be included in 30% (
For example, the floor or cabinet can satisfy your basic color series of 60)--
Ten percent should be the color with amazing factors: red, bold blue, contrast that draws your attention.
These popular colors are usually introduced through accessories, linens and artwork.
As an extra bonus, each room should have a rich reflective surface and lighting to create the atmosphere and depth.
Unfortunately, it is difficult to keep your home in today\'s busy world, as you think;
Whether it\'s wet dogs, children\'s sports equipment, or the taste of yesterday\'s dinner.
It may be difficult to maintain the atmosphere of your home ---and smelling --
Like your private oasis
You can\'t underestimate the impact of smell on your home environment.
This is one of the easiest and most effective ways to keep the feeling and smell of home fresh.
One way I make my home feel like an oasis is to eliminate unwanted scents.
Febreze Fabric Refresher keeps my Fabric fresh, and the new Mediterranean Lavender collection offers a calm and subtle scent that won\'t be overwhelming.
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