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lyneham stage club auctions off props and costumes

by:Marslite     2019-10-21
Have you ever thought about preparing an Eskimo costume, skeleton costume, fake breast or dress for a pantomime woman?
Hundreds of theater equipment from a theater company in Wiltshire will be sold after the Royal Air Force Lenny is closed.
The Lenny Ham stage Club, which was scheduled to close its air base later this year, has been playing theater and mime since 1969 and has been homeless.
Props and costumes will be auctioned at selencester next week.
Christopher Bateer, who has been a member of the club since 1979, said: \"We will try to keep the club running, but we have no place to rehearse and of course there is no place to store everything, that\'s why we sell these things.
\"The equipment accumulated by the group for 40 years will be snapped up, including a scenic lamppost, a sign pointing to the\" castle \", two spears, a statue of a horse-loving horse and a collection of broom handles.
Patsy Bartlett, clothing manager, said: \"We are selling everything from shoes, sandals to big breasts, bumps and [false]boobs.
\"From the 20 th century, we have obtained a set of adult and child Eskimo clothing from the Snow Queen, pantomime outfits clothing, period military clothing and clothing.
\"Sound and lighting equipment, even stage curtains, will be hammered down.
The permanent theater of the Lenham stage Club opened in 1969.
It was renamed Juliana Goss theater in 1977, after the actress and sister-in-law died, and she had pestered several station commanders in a row to set a goal --built theatre.
The club initially recruited actors from soldiers and their families, but over time it also attracted members of the civilian community.
The auction will take place on June 15 at Moore Allen and Innocent in serencester.
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