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luminato festival drums up the divine with kira

by:Marslite     2019-09-06
The festival shows KIRA, a festival that celebrates humanity, showing an exciting musical ensemble and a vibrant dancer. You can hardly find anything more sensational than Fara TolnoThe Guinea-
Drummers and dance masters currently based in Boulder, Colorado.
, Is the composer, choreographer and music director of KIRA, Path | La Voie, commissioned, produced and presented by Toronto dancer/choreographer Lua Shayenne.
Drumming is the center of many cultures, including the first nation of Canada, but in Africa, at least for outsiders, drumming is almost synonymous with African music.
This is a generalization that ignores the important regional differences in the lives of many African communities and the close integration of drums, dances and songs.
It is not just entertainment, it is a profound art of communication with ceremonies and the cosmic Association.
This important aspect, at least in theory, is the foundation of Kira, described as celebrating humanity \"as a village and its sacred bond with nature.
\"The part of the celebration is 75-
Featuring six over-scaled minute shows
A member of the music ensemble and four dancers.
Robyn Macdonald\'s vibrant outfit reinforces the overall tone visually.
The motor vocabulary that expresses this usually attracts the whole body at the same time, the arms embrace the air in a broad, uplifting, usually round posture, and the feet beat the complicated tattoos.
Sharon dignova\'s lighting design brings Kira closer to its spiritual connection.
The initial flash effect can be used as a startof-time metaphor.
At another point, a hot sun is bathed in golden light.
One of the more striking moments is the calm of music and dance choreography, where dancers perform a ritual that appears to be a mother to Earth in the moonlight.
But, in the end, it was Torino\'s hypnotized drumming that took you to another place.
His mastery of the Cup
Djembe must hear the shape to believe.
The past Luminato Festival has brought us so high.
Mainstream international dance companies such as Dutch Dance Theater and New York\'s Mark Morris Dance Troupe.
There are two troupes from abroad this year, and their performances are unlikely but refreshing
Cultural contacts.
Compañdel Cuerpo Yas, Cartagena from Colombia is a combination of outstanding performance suits, the pioneering development of the city of El Colegio del Cuerpo, it was established in 1997 by Alvaro leistebo sentry station and mardelieuvin. Their social-justice-
The goal of advocacy is to provide an artistic outlet for poor teenagers in a city full of crime and poverty.
They continue to succeed in changing the lives of young people.
Born in Cartagena, Restrepo studied literature and philosophy before discovering dance and training in New York. His wide-
The flowers for Kazuo Ohno reflect a wide range of cultural interests (
And Leonard Cohen. , a 90-
He conceived and worked together in small work.
Choreographed with Delieuvin and company members as well as school colleagues
Director Ricardo boustamant
It also pays tribute to the legends of contemporary Japanese dance and the famous Canadian poet/singer/songwriter.
Cohen\'s songs, heard in his own voice and on the cover of singer Nina Simon, Webb Sisters and Sharon Robinson, offer a mood --
Transfer the accompaniment to the dance of reference Ohno\'s famous Exploration of Japanese Boutu dance.
The two shared admiration for the work of Federico Garcia Lorca in Andalusia provided an artistic connection.
Although Yang Liping is well-known, she is not the first Chinese dance choreographer to be attracted by the original rhythm of Russian composer Igor Stravinsky\'s \"spring ceremony.
Luminato proposed
In 2007, the performance of the acclaimed choreographer Shen Wei.
And New York-
Based on Shen limiting himself to the famous 1913 points of Stravinsky, revealing its complexity in abstract geometric form, Yang constructed it with works inspired by traditional Tibetan music.
Yang\'s version replaces struvinsky\'s call to pagan Russia, marking its North American premiere in Toronto, with symbols and ideas drawn from Chinese and Tibetan cultures to luxury 100-
Very spectacular.
KIRA, The Path | La Voie lasts until Sunday at The Fleck Dance Theater at The Pier E. 207, Queens.
Send flowers for Kazuo Ohno (
And Leonard Cohen.
Performed at Bluma Appel Theatre, 27 Front Street, June 19-22. E.
On June 20-22, a spring ceremony was held at the Macmillan Theatre at 80 Queens Park.
See the celebrity festival.
Phone or 416-368-4849.
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