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loopz game

by:Marslite     2019-10-15
Loopz is a game designed for children aged 7 and over.
This will be one of the most anticipated races of the upcoming holidays.
Loopz contains an upright stand with 4 semi-circular slots.
There are unique colored lights on each slot, as well as motion sensors.
These lights and sensors allow you to play the various challenges offered by the game.
Some game publications have commented on Loopz, saying that Loopz is one of the must-have toys for this holiday season.
In addition to the fun, Loopz will also improve the player\'s reflective action and memory skills.
You can play up to four people at a time, and you can play seven unique modes.
Patterns include repeat beat, play, free style DJ, rhythm and flow, music studio and master of reflection.
Here\'s a brief introduction to each of the Loopz play modes: the music studio is a miniature music studio, as the name suggests.
When playing a music studio, you can choose an instrument.
Each instrument has up to 10 different sounds.
When you wear half a circle in your hand, you create your own music, which is called Loopz.
Here you can test your reflex master!
Up to four people can be played at a time, and the purpose of the game is to mark as many lights as possible.
You only have half a minute to do it.
The master of reflection is a great way to improve the school of reflection.
If you have ever played BeatIf as Simon said, then you will play repeat beats at home.
The rules of the game are simple;
All you have to do is repeat the pattern given by the machine completely.
With your game, the speed of the Beats will increase and the mode will become more and more difficult.
If you miss one, you\'re out.
This game is similar to repeating beats.
What you have to do is wave your hand through half a circle to keep up with the beat of every sone.
If you make a mistake, the song will stop.
You have to start over when the song stops.
In this mode, only one player can play at a time.
The free style DJWith this game you choose the Tao by waving your hand, though each has a circle.
Here you can create songs by completing the mode.
The song is done after you finish five modes in a row.
In this mode, you compete directly with other players.
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