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like dinner theatre, only with more zombies

by:Marslite     2019-09-06
On 2010, customers at Waterloo harmony lunch were recorded asking why they had been back to 80-year-
The consensus of old diners is that there has been little change.
The food was not very good, the service was friendly, the furniture, the floor was not even the old grill.
Want to know what they think when zombies move in June 25?
Toronto playwright, comedian and Second City alumnus Bruce Hunt will bring his zombie apocalypse
Themed Drama, invite her to dinner, 10-show run.
\"My company is the RealSpace theater and I want the drama to be in real space,\" said Hunter, who raised the idea while eating at his own local greasy spoon George Street restaurant, in the Leslieville area of Toronto.
Boss Ash farreilly gave him a suggestion that he should write a play for her company.
The diner has been used in the movie F word with Daniel Radcliffe, so it clearly has its charm, especially the huge windows.
\"This is a unique space and one of the few old diners in Toronto,\" Hunt said . \".
\"I looked around and thought \'The zombie hit the window.
\"For most people, this is not an idea that will come up, not even an imaginative type of writer.
But Hunter is known for his weirdness.
Hunter, who won two Gemini Awards and two Canadian Comedy Awards, also appeared in films and TV shows such as killing puppets and Atomic Betty.
He knows zombies very well.
Inspired by farreilly\'s request, Hunter sat at a table in the restaurant that day, sat down at one time and finished an hour\'s work.
Dragon, the first appearance in the restaurant in last October.
Hunter won\'t talk too deeply about the plot.
\"I hope it\'s a surprise, a great show,\" he said . \".
What he was willing to reveal was that the center of the story was a girlfriend who came to the restaurant for dinner and when her boyfriend arrived late, she was completely angry.
He was of course a zombie when he finally arrived, but apparently it wasn\'t an excuse to be late.
\"It\'s totally a relationship,\" he said . \"
The film is played by local actors, including friends, Jennifer Cornwall and Trevor Smith Dikins.
Hunter will direct the show.
The audience will start dining at 7 in the evening. m.
Then there was the match at 8. m.
You can\'t be closer than this, it\'s Hunter\'s appeal.
\"It can still work on stage, but it will be flat,\" he said . \".
Like diners, the real space adds almost three dimensional quality to the work, there are actors in the audience, and the performance is only a few inches away.
\"It\'s a lot more intimate, and your behavior around people is right,\" he said . \".
It\'s not a dinner theater, it\'s a comprehensive theater that doesn\'t require stage lighting or set design.
Everything they needed was there and was not disguised as a suitable script.
\"You have to use the environment to tell the story,\" he said . \".
\"I want people to think this is a sport.
I got a lot of positive feedback from people and I got a lot of space.
There is a tennis club that wants a private performance.
Hunter quickly pointed out that the works do not require audience participation if someone is afraid of being dragged to the crowd.
\"There is no need for the audience to do anything.
\"He hopes that her meal will be so successful that other diners will provide their space to spread zombie gore on this land.
\"Our evaluation is very good,\" he said . \"
\"It was an interesting journey.
\"Vhill @ therecord.
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