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lighting up the parks

by:Marslite     2019-09-10
Dr. Mentbry Abd Kadir visited several leisure parks in the city to find ways to improve the lighting there and turn these areas into tourist attractions.
Datuk Zamri Man, mayor of Ipoh, said Mentri Besar had asked him to visit the site.
Zamri said they visited Washington, D. C. R.
Park, People\'s Park and Sungai Kinta bank.
\"It was almost one o\'clock A. M. when we finished reading all the websites.
\"From our visit, we decided that more lighting was needed in these places to make these areas more attractive.
\"Mentri Besar and I walked along the Sungai Kinta bank to the People\'s Park,\" he told reporters after a monthly full board meeting.
Zamri added that it is necessary to study the methods of landscaping and strengthening the riverbank area.
\"While we were there, we saw people enjoying food from the kiosk there, and some jogging late at night.
\"There are a lot of things we can do to turn this place into a scenic spot,\" he added . \". For D. R.
Seenivasagam Park and people\'s park in Mentri Besar suggest better lighting effects.
Dr. Zambry told the mayor that the city has big trees and proper lighting, and that the area could become a magical world.
\"We also talked about installing big screens in places like train station square, Dataran MBI and several other leisure parks.
\"Maybe there is a show every week where people gather to enjoy movies or football games, which will be good,\" he added . \".
Zamri said the committee had repaired the damaged gazebo and set up a small stage for theater performances in the People\'s Park.
\"From time to time, the Ministry of Arts and Culture holds performances there,\" he added . \".
On another matter, Zamri said that about 10% of taxpayers who did not pay the assessment rate had been notified.
He said that additional late fees will be charged once the notice is issued.
\"If the taxpayer still refuses to pay, then the Council has the right to seal up and auction items equal to the amount due,\" he said . \".
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